Monday, 25 January 2010

Funny day for seemingly unrelated threads coming together

I had thought Dr Gideon Polya had stopped writing, his blog has been quiet, and I’ve posted several articles from his blog in the past. No he’s alive and well and pointing out the unpleasant pointy things that we are not to know.

Holocaust denial is repugnant but is entrenched in the mainstream academics, media and political Establishments of the Western Murdochracies.

This fits in with a, not bonkers for once, posting over at the Sisterhood. Oh yes ladies you just tell it like it is. USofA corp the most literate society in the world turned into a BartSimpsonised unthinking, ignorant dump. Almost as bad as UK plc, or Doophdooph Zentral courtesy of the GGT (Goebbel’s Gobshite Towers) at Shepherds Bush.

“Another necessary import, that is causing friction with the neighbors, is brides. Decades of the "one child" (for urban couples especially) policy, and the preference for baby boys, has created a girl deficit. In the next decade, over 20 million more Chinese men, than women, will be looking for mates. Already, legal brokers, and less legal gangsters, are supplying the shortage by attracting (or kidnapping) young women from neighboring countries. This is not popular with the neighbors, and causing increasing tension.”

That’s from an article about China’s need for sea-lane control. Now you can bet the same clowns I’m banging on about today over at the other shop are behind the theft of tech and wealth from USofA corp to arm and finance the ChiComm slave state’s emergence into the world, they’ll also be using the usual global criminals to fuel the bride slavery business. Oh and offing children as they swan about their global businesses. Who are killing the children?

And talking about international criminals how come this scam, Carbon Disclosure Project , has 55 trillion bucks under management. Where did all those trillions suddenly appear from then? I bet it doesn’t pay a single penny in tax either because it is a CHHAARREEETTEEEEE. No wonder Gordon Brown is still in power he’s doing his masters’ bidding alright! He set up a Tontine scam in London, he’s going to be well rewarded.

There is no conspiracy just an ancient agenda to get all the gold back together in one place again.