Friday, 29 January 2010

What’s your handle?

And who’s your handler Blair?

What’s your real name, not your given name? You are like the thieving wanderer only letting your nomdescam be current so that when those you wronged catch up with you those fellow thieves covering for you can say in all innocence that you are not known to them. You are ignorant of numbers and arithmetic Anthony, that’s not your name, 100,000 dead? No millions sacrificed to your false gods.

What’s your real name Barry Soetoro?

And who’s your handler?

Why is your administration crammed full of people who’ve never done anything other than plan secret indirect ways of killing human beings? Why is that Barry? Why are your behavioural economists, treasury officials, science Tsars and environment potentates all graduates of the dictator game? Why are there so many eugenicists and murderers in your administration Barry? What evil soul eater was your mentor?

George what’s your name?

Will we find your handler in Bohemia? Or in the coffin in Yale? You were all over the MSM and still are yet who are you? How did you get to be where you were? And did you not pay attention when the body bags were coming back, covertly, out of sight so that we didn’t know their names? How many thousands of your troops did you keep out of our sight and ken?

And now the rot has set into the US military, I have to ask what your handles are? What is your secret names all you 4 star and 3 star graduates. You joint chiefs, what secret flag do you bow to. What false idolatry claims your allegiance? What are your names, legion?

Here are some blokes and we know their names. Solid lads we can be proud of. And I don’t need to ask the name of the ammo snatcher, do you?

Blair, Barry, Bush.

We know those who were sent out on your diabolical errand and didn’t come back. We know their names. We will never forget no matter how many of us are arranged to be removed from history. You will be left alone and exposed.


What are the names of your souls?

We know the name of your handler.