Monday, 4 January 2010

Are we about to become extinct?

Do we represent a soon to be eradicate minority?

We who believe that there are certain ways of doing things and certain things you don’t do.

Representative democracy, with its flaws I admit, that’s how you order your affairs.

You do not commit war crimes, where do you want to start with that one?

No one believes that anymore, give them oligarchy and rule by fiat any day so long as the X-BOX is on and the latest muppetry from their heroes is there to be watched at sacred gatherings like Wembley and the O2 Arena. Nothing has changed whether it is a clearing in the woods, caves, oases or amphitheatres we don’t really care that much about systems of dominance so long as it isn’t in our faces. Do we?

For those that do care about who governs, how they get there and what they do in when in power it could all be over. For those who look hard enough to see the mismatch between the rhetoric and the experience, for those who detect the muppet masters at work, we could be extinct soon.

I read this along time ago and never forgot it. Without Remorse. I read this today at Global Research .

Both sources tell of drugs being brought from the scene of conflict in the cadavers of our fallen. Now I mentioned a while back that the more troopers in theatre then the larger the body count for everyone involved. Now what if the business plan needs more bodies within which to ship drugs out? What if there needs to be a guaranteed death rate in the trooper ranks to take the shipments out? The business plan has a pure logic to the logistics, getting this yet? Western financial systems need more drugs to launder it is that simple. We provide the logistics.

So just to take our eye of the ball suddenly radicalised mooselmens are turning up at the point of entry of our UK heroes. Come on get it for phekks sake. Yeah you scream and yell about the radicals and you’ll never get time to think about what is being shuvved in our faces, hidden in clear sight.

The radicalised mooselmens are MI5/MI6 assets? Wanna bet? They are foundation bitchboys. Just like the Mandelbrot Set.

“The radicalisation of young people throughout the World” G Brown BBC 3rd Jan 2010. What about the muppetisation of British young people by you and your Fabians’ clowns?

Look you phreek store reject if you want to profile people the first lot to get the badge pinned on their lapels, and the separate lines and the full body scan should be anyone resident in, studying in and hailing from London.

Notice that the same clowns who shouted and screamed about segregation are now, as planned, rebuilding the segregation and fascistic systems they so love to be in control of.

We’ll never become extinct because TPTB are not smart enough to realise they sow their own destruction with every move they make. It is called hubris and that’s why the classics have been dropped from the curriculum, we can read about their long lost relatives’ failures and laugh, and weep.