Friday, 29 January 2010

F22, Typhoon, Rafael……er he’s behind you, no before you…no…hell he’s in your OODA loop.

This baby got off the ground yesterday and it looks just right.

How much treasure spent on our birds?

Why so few in the air?

The Russki looks like the YF23, the stealth fighter that should have won all those years and years ago.

BTW Gordon when these lads heave into view, or not, over the horizon tell me again….Just how many Typhoons, without a gun, are available?

I’m going to be watching this very carefully. Just how long will it take to get this big Russian beauty into the regiments?

I’ll bet those backward Slav slobs do it in less than half the time we spent pissing money up the wall on F22, Typhoon and F35.

Check your 6 Ivan is in the sun!!!