Sunday, 17 January 2010

How Much Wealth? Part 5.

How many dead people?

When are you officially dead? When are you legally dead? How are you realised as dead? Why might you not be dead even though you are dead?

Go on scratch.

Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, George Bush and their handlers are war criminals? What about WEU and Javier Solana?

What is a war criminal?

The former leaders of Hitler's Third Reich on trial in Nuremberg, Germany. The Nuremberg trial was conducted by a joint United States-British-French-Soviet military tribunal, with each nation supplying two judges. The four counts in the indictment were: Count 1 - CONSPIRACY to commit crimes alleged in the next three counts. Count 2 - CRIMES AGAINST PEACE including planning, preparing, starting, or waging aggressive war. Count 3 - WAR CRIMES including violations of laws or customs of war. Count 4 - CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY including murder, extermination, enslavement, persecution on political or racial grounds, involuntary deportment, and inhumane acts against civilian populations.

I’ll go with that. Seems fair enough to me.

Are the foundation puppies named above war criminals then?

OK what did they do?

Did they plan, prepare, start or wage aggressive war?

Did they violate laws or customs of war?

Did they murder, exterminate, enslave, persecute on political or racial grounds, involuntarily deport or enact inhumane acts against civilians?

How many dead Iraqis then? Here’s a number . If you’ve been staring at this as long as I have and can remember the firefight with Media Lens and others when these guys heaved into view, you cannot smell anything other than COINTELPRO, very, very clever. However that’s still a pile of dead people. Was it planned, prepared, started or waged. Here’s a picture that might settle the argument. 3 Commando Brigade, 7th Armored Brigade is always getting their maps wrong and just strayed. US Marines and US 3rd Infantry always have more fuel to waste in the wastes and got lost a little further from base.

What are Laws and customs of war? sNuff said.

As for the last part all I can say is Abu Ghraib and look at this.

So war crimes and war criminals?

Well to get some grasp on the answer I have I’d ask you to consider Scotland and Ireland. That the “troubles” never spilled into the mainland is not because the mainland was insulated, the Stranraer to Larne ferry service was very busy, but because Scotland is a “real” nation and Ireland is not. Scotland got the oil. The conflict we saw in Ireland was a colonial firefight and the rules of the game kept that out of Scotland.

Where did Iraq come from?

Iraq is not a real country.

So the perps are not war criminals.

You must also ask what other countries are not real?

USofA corp?

Also of interest are the countries we do not think of as being real, but are.

Siam? Iran?

Remember, remember all the slavery, all the dead of Lubyanka, the dead of the great leap forward, the year zero Pol Pot plot, the new week, the Kulak clearance, the Armenian massacre, the pox of the Americas, Gulags and concentration camps, there is no reason to think you live in a real country.

If we can identify the ceremonial, ritual and worship then a lamp lighter might be found.


Stunting our minds, stunning our eyes, securing our spirit, snuffing our soul and killing us softly with their Nam-Shub.