Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Once again, chinstraps down and get ready to ride hard.

Some of us are going to be taken out if we get it right. Scottish bloggers will understand that.

Oliver has got me thinking again. I believe he is hoping for a Tory victory, well good luck to you Oliver I like your style but I would tend to look at the coming election from a different perspective.

What do I see?

I see 2010 as the point of crisis for those of us who lived in the 1997 world that our whole political establishment has been instructed to demolish. So I see no Tory cavalry coming to our rescue, I see anyone who has been in the political game as tainted goods. You can bet that the replacements for the departing MPs are all briefed on the game plan and have all signed up to the business plan to totally remove UK plc from the map, without the inhabitants getting a say.

Why is 2010 so important? Well it’s the IUD time bomb. Whilst the natives who lived in these islands pre 1997 have been sterilised by taxation, dodgy packaging and a never ending Malthusian propaganda drive, the new arrivals have been having our money shovelled at them to drop at the kitchen sink without stop. I have yet to hear of anyone who was resident here pre 1997 who has had anything stuffed into their pockets but more debt. Soon they will be onto the voting lists. That is why Brown has been allowed to keep the election date until the last date possible. I kept asking why the MSM wasn’t jumping all over him? If he goes in May 2010 and the next election after that is in May 2015, you do the arithmetic, got that.

2010 is the last chance to stop this process dead. It is clear that TPTB do not want a functioning liberal representative democracy, with all it faults I’ll admit, here in UK plc. TPTB want something powerless and ready to be culled.

What is the likely outcome if we do nothing?

I see, and Oliver, if you are reading this I’d like your opinions, a deliberate Tory botch to ensure that the next parliament is hamstrung and ineffective. DELIBERATE. As I’ve written previously the destabilisation of our political economy is designed to leave us dead in the water at a time when we need to manoeuvre hard to dodge the missiles that are being sent to sink the good old pirate ship. It may be sailing under a black flag but it is ours to change, we are not to get the chance.

I believe that with a hung parliament there will be 5 years of traitorous turn coat sabotage of any government that is formed. Absolutely NO chance will be taken that we will have an opportunity to strike statutes that deal with our integration within the New European Fascist State.

The Labour party has been destroyed, as planned. The Tory party is neutered, as planned. The Eunuchs will be everywhere screaming in their high pitched voices to indicate that something is being done about our concerns, all the while waiting for the IUD time bomb to finish ticking.

After 2015 I see a rump Labour party, a Retooled Tory party and lots of rabid belief based parties of various bents that are purely single issue driven taking the country further into serfdom. I would hold up Italy and Israel as the kind of parliaments we are headed for. Never again will a single National Party with UKplc’s interests at heart be allowed to form an effective government.

What can we do?

I think this is the latest version of my Rigorous Voting Method, THE ELECTION.

I will not be standing myself but what I will do is scan my constituency list of candidates. Any candidate that is not from any party already represented in the current parliament, I will meet personally if I can. I will look them square in the eye and ask them, to paraphrase, are you a foundation bitchboy? Any one that passes the test and I don’t care what the platform they are standing for, whether it is Stop Sporrans Now, Free the Malvinas Penguins or Chicken Madras Evert Friday Keep You Regular, they will get me out on the streets canvassing, chapping doors and doing anything I can to get them votes.

If I cannot find anyone in my constituency I will repeat the exercise in neighbouring seats.

I hope others who are independent and with greater resources will stand for election.

This is the key to stopping the rot. The rotten boroughs are seeded and Labour/Tories are completely unaware of the turn coats that they’ll nurture. These guys are primed to turn our parliament into a joke so that UKplc will disappear. They are quite literally in my opinion agents of a foreign power.

We, the ordinary people, we need to get ourselves into Parliament and start the damage limitation exercise in 2010, with a view to stopping further damage after 2015, then the roll back starting 2020.

It is a long road and I’ve not even touched on the most important aspects of this project, things like the traitors already in our midst. Thankfully though I see I’m not alone in keeping the lists up to date. DL?