Monday, 11 January 2010

Real maps

I always love a good map and it sounds like the ChiComm map that Soros et al use is being leaked out quietly. They think we don’t notice this kind of thing, but we do. The next big one is shaping up to include a hyper littoral war raging from Dutch Harbour to Aden. The Med just might figure in it as a side show, that’d be interesting for Club Med fans. I’d love to get a peek at the real Space Map though, wouldn’t you?

“Sunday, 10 January 2010

More annexationist globes

A trip to the Taichung Science Museum and one of their souvenir shops revealed yet more annexationist globes today. On seeing a globe in which the countries were, according to EVA, clearly demarked by different colours I noticed that China and Taiwan were both the same colour. Furthermore, China was marked in Red and large, like all other country names, but Taiwan was small and black and the same font as provincial names in China. When I asked a shop assistant why this was she tried a Jedi Mind Trick by arguing that the colours did not indicate different countries, and avoided the issue of the different fonts and colours for the nation titles. I told them it was broken and I wouldn't buy it. I wished I had told them I was going to report it to FTV but I just walked away lest I get too worked up. I did notice that as we walked away two assistants came up and inspected the globes so at the minimum at least my enquiry might have ignited a tiny nano-second long question mark in their minds. Has anyone else out there seen these capitulationist globes (I know Michael J Cole has) and is it the case that they blossom more vigorously in places where Chinese Tour groups are most apt to frequent or are they a now endemic species?”

H/T Letters from Taiwan