Friday, 8 January 2010

Good work Icelanders.

Just had a wander through Notsilvia Night’s shop and her place is into Wordpress’s top hundred this week. Way to go!

She has provided details for supporting the Icelandic people by giving their Pres. a quick e-mail of support.

So in the spirit of mutual respect between peoples I hope the Icelanders will make use of this site’s features . I didn’t intend the it to be so funny though. Wind expansion!!! Bwahahahaaa.

He seems a little shy on the email front though. Any Brit blogger got the git’s email details, if so pass it onto the Vikings. I see Bugger is doing consulting work there on use of English sweary words!

I wonder what our war criminal drenched government will do now?

How much blood on their hands?

They are craven, spineless, evil little dried up husks of nothing. Always hiding in gangs, never standing by themselves like real people do.

Go Vikings, get some unspeakably terrible rune throw ready for them.

PS I hear The Stoker sharpening the Shuvvell.