Saturday, 2 January 2010

The unbeleivable beleivable

Why do I find myself walking around this great big world with war criminals and pimps everywhere?

Does that fact mean I can reason that all the other bad disguys in history, other war criminals, were in fact just like the ones I can see today on the MSM. Ponzying around picking up the top war criminalists gong, the Nobel Peace Prize, on a semi regular basis.

Is bad good now?

Or was bad always good and it is all about shamanic projection?

Which way is the world rumbling? Is it rumbling my way and we're all going to get fattened and flattened at the cull? Or is it going the way I had hoped it was? The way that kills off parasites and multi generational hangerson.

I think it is finely balanced.

Only a few are selected each generation to have their voices amplified by the priesthood and dominate our attention space. Only a select few will have the conspicuous trappings of occult success draped upon their mortal frame and be paraded in front of our frozen gaze. Only a few will ever shout out that the Emperor has no clothes or genitalia.

Will the bovine crowd turn and tear the nay sayer to shreds or will the Emperor get a right royal spanking?

Difficult one to call. As I wandered around the cathedral to consumption picking up groceries today and picking up snippets of conversation, stolen words and facial expressions I couldn't help but feel the masks worn disguised empty headed and fruitless ambition.

Since when did we enter this necrotic state? Or have I got it wrong again? Has it always been so?

Are they all to die again?

Do they deserve such an innocent fait?

Should they all face their war crimes as they shuv trolleys down the self stacking shelves of oblivion?

How many generations of self serving sacrifice, ritual, ceremony, distraction, vacuum, submission and worship does it take before we all realise that we pulled the trigger?

Our every breath, our every heart beat, our every tear is that of a war criminal?