Monday, 11 January 2010

TUC and toast.

CF has been rattling off today and I just want to take his thoughts a little further.

Have you noticed that every single industry ever represented by these goons has disappeared? Over 50 years or so, so that you don’t notice, and that all their “leaders” ended up in the Upper House.

Did you notice?

Every single member has had their job removed, pension stolen, compensation pinched and their sons and daughters left to serfdom and penury. Any one notice that?

No future.

All the time taking orders from Moscow Zentral on who to bring into the country to deal with our labour shortage. Defend livelihoods? No, to destroy one of ordinary people’s only means of representation.

Did you notice that not one of these Red Muppets ever went to the wire on anything? No belief in their cause and no belief in their membership because they were foundation run bitch boys.

Go on then show me where I’m wrong.

If I was wrong I’d be looking at an industrial, commercial, financial and intellectual power house around me.

Not Propaganda Zentral for the tidal wave of unwelcome economic rentiers and rent seekers.

Not a country that cannot salt its roads and needs a pop star’s prophylactic to provide banking services.

Did you see that switch?

That unknowing maiden will now oversee rationing, not banking services, there is no more banking in a country that is poor and destitute, but we aren’t supposed to notice the switch from money to credits because a popular marketeer has been given license to control us.

Whilst he’s in orbit we’ll be deep in the salt mines.

Gordon, Hattie, Jack, Junk Puppy can you explain that?

Useless idiots. Half a century of treasonous champagne swilling, troughing, fuckgoonery.