Saturday, 9 January 2010

Nukes in the nooks.

Someone is hiding something big and pointy and it’s not a canoe. Neither are they pleased to see you.

I’ve mentioned this in previous outings but now it is out.

Why this should be put into circulation NOW, is the question that needs to be asked. Not who and when. That’s too late. By my reckoning they’ve already got the big pointy things pointed and have done so for a while now.

Now add this to the recent recall of all Israeli ambassadors and consular chiefs at the end of Dec 2009 for a big confab and you need to ask MAD?

Now that Pak is going the way we all thought it would, where would be an ideal resting spot for the stateless Islamic Nukes? Of course wasabi land , bet you don’t like the taste of that. Eh?