Monday, 1 February 2010

Goodbye Moon

Did you catch that today? The long expected announcement that USofA corp. is not going to the Moon again.

40 years after going there.

Soetero is now living in a country that has gone backwards without any doubt now. 50 years to go from freedom to servitude. 50 years of traitorous presidency. His handlers intend getting rich by soaking the USofA taxpayer using scams and rackets disguised as “issues of concern”.

Goldman sucks and assorted thieves get trillions printed up, but no money for the great adventure to continue.

I see a direct correlation between the Hidden City being torched in Peking, it then being announced as a sign from god by the priest class that the Imperial policy of naval exploration had to stop in the 1420s and this announcement from Barry.

This is very, very significant. It means the freedom loving Arctic Circle sun seekers are NOT getting out into the stars. The oligarchs are going to keep it to themselves.

Someone else is getting the tech and the money. Kind of like the bogmen Iberians did in the 15th century. The green scam is a front for stealing our money and giving it to the chosen.

I say Brazil. Lula you racist champagne commie spam salmon you’ve been tapped I bet. Work that in with who we know are hiding down that neck of the woods for a century or more now and it makes elitist sense.

I’ll work this stuff into a couple little items I’ll be shoving out later.