Friday, 12 February 2010

Can Capitalism Save Haiti?

Can Capitalism Save Haiti?

Where to start with this? I’ll just let it tumble out.

Capitalism requires free people.

Are we free anywhere in this great big world? No.

So there can never be capitalism.

However we think we are living within the beneficence of capitalism.

What do we have cloaked in the trappings of capitalism then?

A vast spectrum of virulent pathogenic toxic fads/faiths/fancies/fallacies all aimed at achieving godlike gangster control of the world.

Look at the discussion in the article above. Godlike entities trying to tell the Haitians how they should live.

Meanwhile no mater what route they take the Haitian’s will be screwed and the rest of us, as the next part of the sociopathic scam kicks off. Citi plans crisis derivatives. H/T PIGLIPSTICK

So there we have it, perpetual crisis is needed.

I’ve written a lot about Alinsky(ists) this week. Do you know where he got his inspiration? Watching the Chicago gangsters at work. You know the St Valentine’s Day guys.

That’s what we’ve got. A globalised, networked, all seeing gangster oligarchy forming. Organically that can only mean global decay once they have run out of people to menace and defraud.

I listen to LBC and the adverts for graduates are quite interesting. Did you know you can become an intern; some graduate careers actually may be paid. Well fuck me. I thought interns were unpaid slaves in law firms who clawed there way to the cushy partnerships where the money just tumbled into your pocket. Quid pro quo. Fair is fair. Slavery to tyranny. Or interns were sex slaves inside the Beltway spying and getting the dirt on the politicos. But to be an intern to sell double glazing? Well that’s the rot set in and slavery for food can only be a breath away.

There is another advert on TV showing a bloke snatching from a corner shop and legging it. Thief? Oh yes. The store owner is down a sale, repeat that over thousands of occasions and there will be small businesses going out of business.

Bloketrix click on a spreadsheet in an office far, far away and the algorithms rattle through the system and thousands of instructions are issued to recall loans instantly. Lots of corner shops are gone.

Same outcome, same root cause, criminal mentality based on funny money. Only the suites never get arrested.

Anyone notice that there hasn’t been a single suite booted into the slammer after the torpedoing of the whole economic basis of our lives? Don’t give me Madoff he’s taken one for the team, he’s small beer. How much has he stolen, 60 Billion USD? Petty cash.

On the morning of 9/11 2008 around 550 billions USD were siphoned out of the US economy, and that was just a small hit.

Go figure.