Monday, 8 February 2010

How much freedom?

I remember sitting in my Mod. Studs. Class at secondary school and with around 40 other souls we listened to the lesson. I suppose the lesson must have been about systems of government and our teacher asked the class a simple question “Who’d rather be dead than Red?” Up went my hand, instinctive, not thought about, but I knew in my gut that Reds are just murderers and thieves dressed up in flowery language and theory. I looked round at my classmates, only one other hand up.

I’ll invert the question today. Who’d die to stay free?

Now there is a thought and to quail is nothing to be ashamed of.

I have no doubt that TPTB have learned their lesson that we are not to be disturbed in the Herd Attention Space. Life in the HAS should remain dulled and bovine. A vast complex has been constructed to make sure that we never entertain the question.

“Would I rather die than be a slave?”

I also reckon that there is a process at work to remove anyone potentially going rogue in the HAS before the event. Little tests everyday.

Tests like standing in the “surrender” position whilst your body is scanned. What happens if you’ve got a hard on? Is that pornography?

Tests like believing that carbon dioxide is a poison. Test like believing that Mercury is not a poison. Tests like ignoring war crimes. Tests like complying with eugenics.

All these tests and many, many more leads one to conclude that there are actually very few truly free people actually in the HAS any more.

Weird events that do not get much attention in the HAS again give a good indicator of the quality of the trance being experience within the HAS. Who has ever wondered why tanks are needed to kill civilians? Was it Tiananmen Square? No, you are in a trance. Who has ever wondered why Fascist/Nazi takeovers of a state are so foreign? Was it Smedley Butler? Was it Reichstag fire? No, you are in a trance. Who has ever wondered why starvation is endemic under slavery? Was it India? Was it Ireland? Was it Ukraine? Was it China? No. Bombs that blow up buildings in clear sight? Was it Moscow? Was it New York? No. Use of illegal weapons on civilians? Was it Iraq? Was it Iran? Was it Israel? Was it UK? No.

Not a murmur.

I think the answer to my question is that the question does not exist any more. It has been expunged from history.

One of the interesting things that this conditioning of the HAS facilitates is the cessation of events and reportage without demure. I was always fascinated by the way UKplc literally shut up for the years 1939-1945(1951). No news. Nothing but official business. BBC TV shut down. Black outs. Restriction of free movement. National quarantine. UK plc was so terrified and tasked that the whole process could be viewed as a vast social and psychological experiment if one had the mind to. Freedom?

When the next false flag takes form soon then you can bet there will be a large web based component to it. Several things going on out here are indicative of a set up. The level of revisionism being touted by well resourced projects. The big hit on UEA re AGW. Things that just smell like agent provocateurs. Leading us on to reveal ourselves, getting our cards marked.

Will anyone in the HAS notice when this is all gone?