Friday, 19 February 2010

The Minot nukes and other stories, where are they?

We should be 3 1/2 years into a major conflagration and just like 9/11 we should be looking at a criminal rather than paramilitary/terrorist operation. Just like 9/11 someone in 2007 laid bets as put options that the stock market would be rocked by soon to be enacted “events”.

There were lots of dead bodies surrounding the Minot event but someone bravely stopped the “hit”. However it did not stop the WMD going missing there, i.e. stolen in a heist.

“Why the dark thoughts INCOMING!!!!!!!?” I hear you sigh.

Several things have caused the mood although I’ve had a good week, unexpectedly, since it is half term hols here and daughter and her chums have taken over the asylum. However the toing and froing with children meant that I got to catch up with a couple of my mukkas.

Firstly I caught up with my Bulgarian mate and got some more info and background on the nuke smuggling vid I posted about earlier in January. We chewed the rag about Libyans he met long ago who pitched up to buy fighter jet engines. Soviet techies commissioning nuke plants, Ukrainian mafia “supplying” spare parts and getting anything you want if you’ve got enough Shekels.

Finally I asked the rhetorical question that had been stalking our conversation.

“If you can indeed tool up with a shed load of cash and get yourself your own personal nuke, how come no one has set off a big stick, that we know about, to stick it to us in the West for being filthy, imperial, warmongering bastards?”

After much scratching of our heads and banter we arrived at the following conclusion that a) there are no real independent entities that we categories as terrorist movements; b) there has been no crime commissioned so far that needed a big stick to go off. Yet!

Then later in the week I had a chance to touch base with my ChiComm chum. If you remember he’s the guy whose old ChiComm banker mate got a peek at the machine that steals all the world’s money whilst seconded to USofA corp. I caught up with his plans and he’ll be back in ChiCommland March/April this year with an idea for a film. We had a quick wander through UKplc’s troubles from a ChiComm perspective.

Basically UKplc is fucked. BUT, and it is a big but, there is a whole pecking order of fuckedness.

UKplc, or City of London and its hinterland, is calling in its marks. Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania…who’s next? Only if UKplc runs out of others to do over will the piratical nature of this state become obvious to its serfs instead of being occluded by the subtle thievery pursued through UKplc body politic. The evening wore on and we all had a lovely meal inspired by the food he ate as a child when his parents, who were classified as being in need of re-education during the cultural revolution, were banished up near the Soviet border area of NE China to an out of the way village. So dumplings and sliced pigs ear it was, dipped in soy sauce and chilli oil. All washed down with a nice Chinese red. I did say inspired, not recreated!

As we chatted about the prospects for ChiCommland and what he hoped to get out of his next trip there, he said something quite remarkable.

“For the first time in history China’s leaders may actually be putting the interests of ordinary Chinese at the top of their priority list.”

I was chomping my way through a tasty though gristly slice of pig’s ear at that moment and remained silent for at least a minute. My first thought was “What happened to the golden goose quote?”

It may be apocryphal but I remember reading about a conversation between a French commie and top ChiComm decades ago that included the following exchange when the body count of the Great Leap Forward was being scrutinised.

FC “What about the huge number of dead comrades?”
ChiComm”What about them?”
FC”Aren’t you afraid of killing the golden goose?”
ChiComm” Comrade, Chinese history is full of dead geese!”

I ran that past my chum and he remarked that currently the ChiComm govt. is literally stuffing money into people’s pockets. The productive capacity of the economy “needs” people to spend money since the USofA corp. is busted. So right now ordinary Chinese people are getting pampered rather than gulagged.

The great unspoken danger for all of us is the destruction of productive capacity in NE Asia. If the Chinese factories shut then we may be pitched out of the consumer age and back into mediaeval darkness again.

So with all this to stew on I’ve been looking back over the years, hence the Minot Nukes. Someone might have decided that there was a criminal enterprise that needed a big stick or two to go off. Go off where though? Well that B52 was Persia bound I reckon.

Therefore the current “banking crisis=depression” that we are currently in is not “real”. By these perps’ plans we should be living in wartime lock down with all our normal commercial, societal and personal liberties suspended. No financial collapse should have materialised and the hammer drop should now be in play. What do you think all the restrictive legislation and CCTV investment is for? It is all useless in peacetime, however once the curfews are in force, just try wandering down the High St. a micro UAV will flame you pronto.

Looking further back what else has not gone to plan for the perps?

What about the mob hit & heist in Iraq? That went badly wrong because the paleo”WMD” were not present as expected and no matter how hard the USofA corp. sought, long after they should have left, there was nothing to be found.

Did Krauts Gmbh or Frogs Spa. get the articles out or hide them effectively?

Then we come to the daddy, 9/11.

All that evidence that got vaped. However that didn’t go to plan either. WTC7 dropped without being hit, all that SEC evidence gone, where did its airliner get to? A big hole in a field in Pennsylvania, where was the target for that airliner? How many other hits didn’t happen as planned that day?

More than ten years then, in fact the thick end of 20 years, of mind fucking us since the USSR went west. Waco, WTC, OKC et al in the 1990s, leading to what in the 2000s? Stock market failure, 9/11, Iraq, societal collapse, Minot nukes all delivered by Western Democracy.

Western Democracy which has been infiltrated and hijacked by globalist mobsters funding commie/fascist think tanks selecting empty shiny vessels to front chosen political agendas into which are decanted the latest “ism” to groom the Herd Attention Space to compliance.

One thing that we can say for certain is that TPTB will not allow ordinary Chinese people to have a good time that is for certain, this is an aberration because the plan is running late. Already the Chinese have been targeted with ethno specific bio weapons, middle class ChiComms are anathema.

TPTB rap sheet and modus operandi means that their first hit of the 2010s will be murderous.


The amount of MSM hype that is being pumped out with regard to Persia is unrelenting.

What do we know for certain?

Persia IS THE trigger target.

ABM systems infest the area and are tested.

Huge oil finds out with the Mid East recently, Siberia (predicted in 2008), Indonesia (Predicted 2008), South Atlantic (Brazil, Falklands), Venezuelan (off shore) and not forgetting the vast out of bounds untapped reserves in CONUS and Alaska...

Someone is fitting up Israel.

Torch the Middle East, stuff China, take control of S.American oil, drop the hammer on us at last and under wartime conditions re-engineer our society to worship the green?