Monday, 1 February 2010

How Much Wealth? Part 8

What is wealth? How does it manifest itself?

Is it money? Is it gold? Is it property? Is it power to create money, either fiat currency or green credits, through belief?

We have forgotten that “our” wealth is not gold or money or credit. We were wealthy once and “they” in their endless jealousy have plotted to remove it, remove all our freedom. Wake up.

Wealth in “their” philosophy is not gold, it is not money, and it is not any thing.

Wealth is unchallenged command and imperium.

It manifests itself by removing our autonomy and freedom to think, say, act, read, write and care.

Though the ancient tyrants may have been iPodless they couldn’t have cared. An iPoder without diktat is a poor man.

Our politics, our institutions, our science, our beliefs are all as nothing to them. Our wealth competes with their wealth.

If we have good scientific methods they are poor.

If we have functioning institutions they are poorer.

If our politics is clean and untainted they are in poverty.

If our neighbourhoods are safe and crime free they are in sack cloth under a blue tarp.

So all of our wealth must go. Our technical achievements are of no interest to them, perhaps as toys for their pets, we could build a star gate to the universe and they would laugh. Our spiritual achievements are to be destroyed and replaced with placebos. Our social achievements are to be deconstructed, denormalised and atomised.

Look at their pets like Stalin and Mao. Wealthier than any Rockefeller or Rothschild. No one to answer to, no challenge and no back chat, which must have caused the Rock/Roths to seethe with envy. No wonder they hate those of us out here who think they are shit. Their wet dreams must consist of us being flogged into submission with our I/O leads. I’ll bet they dream of hammering flash memory sticks into our skulls before toppling us into an open trench.

These pet tyrants haven’t changed in thousands of years. Deviant, perverted, psychopathic agents free of any constraint. Any rule or statute or law that restricts their freedoms, instructions designed to protect our freedoms, must be removed. They keep these evil creatures just as long as they are useful to them, then when the society is undermined they are superfluous and will be removed because they are a potential threat. A smart tyrant is a dangerous two edged sword, a dual use weapon. Better to have weak men, though ruthless.

How else can you explain the current fakery? Everything is faked. Facts, statistics, science, democracy, business, commerce, war, disease, famine, thirst, medicine, life and death. The criminals have had decades to take out anyone independent, everywhere. Out of authority, out of influence and out of life if necessary. If you’ve wandered through the previous installments here you’ll know I reckon the “invisible hand” has been at work out of sight for millennia. Unbroken pedigree, which is the primary differentiator for them.

If you know the names of these people or organisations, like 300 or CFR etc., these are the front guys. The real deal has never shown its face and is without handle.

Our main problem is that we confused our wealth, with golden wealth, not realising that our real wealth is being destroyed by our invisible enemy with our complicity in their philosophy of money. Their plans are multi pronged and of long term fruition. Education is destroyed, our children will believe anything. Our political economy is dead all our money has gone. Our democracy and freedom has been destroyed by political assassins financed by the foundations. Name me think tanks, name me politicians, map the sets and that’s the assassins that we see. Our military has been lured into a destructive dynamic. We are complicit in war crimes now for over 50 years.

When we are iPodless again, when we have no recourse to medical intervention other than selling our organs or our loved one’s organs, when we are so dumb that we can see again that the sky is not green, it is blue. That’s when we can rebuild our own philosophy of money again. We might have to die in order to see clearly again. Then we will be wealthy.