Tuesday, 9 February 2010

How far can I take this before I break reality? T+134 soon.

The power of the Nam Shub.

I’ve been waiting for a sign that the Death of the Fed is in view. Now it will not come in headlines on MSM like “FED now DEAD. Dead as a Dodo, Fineeto!”

No it will only become apparent by interpreting something seemingly unrelated immediately. Only after a decade or so will it become transparent, mustn’t let the peasants in on the game and its subtle play.

I posted yesterday about the weird meetings of politicos, banksters and weapons jocks over the past few days. A straw in the wind?

There has been all the running around by Hillary, Barry, Timmy, and assorted shadowy goons in the Far East and S E Asia these past few months. All officers of the Corporation. Another straw.

European weaponry sales to Formosa, ChiComms next? Big sticks.

And the GOLD. The gold, so many tall tales and empty vaults. More straws.

What about something concrete?

OK here’s my attempt to break the speed of reality and bring T+134 (Thursday 11th Feb 2010) into today.

“Smoke me a kipper”.

We need to look at Barry I reckon, or more precisely something in the control of Barry’s family. Barry has been placed for a reason; you get the President they pay for. That reason is the network of micro finance banking that his maternal line put in place throughout SE Asia and the sub-continent. How much money is there going to be rung from that system as it starts killing of the farmers? A system that will run throughout the next century, imperial control. All entrenched in Hawaii long-time ago after the maternal line stopped swanking around S E Asia, where Barry was schooled.

If Iran does its thing Thursday. And Israel’s boats and subs do their thing. Our cruise missiles do their thing and Bob’s words come back to haunt him as something disastrous over takes our lads in the way of exotic liquid explosives, then look for a story line traceable back to Hawaii about that microfinance network going East.

Could just be the first sign of the FED going. And of course all the disaffected bankers will use the excuse of high taxes to cover their scuppering of London/Wall St. as they follow the money into the new imperium. Life is sweet in Singapore and Shanghai.

I’m not suggesting that Hawaii, which has only been part of USofA corp. for 60 years or so, will secede from the Union and go ChiComm, but weirder things happen, like Michael Jackson’s life, and death.