Thursday, 11 February 2010

Trouble Makers.

What do you get when lazy malignant people driven and informed by noxious, vexatious and toxic ideology gain power?

“What king of questions is that INCOMING!!!!!!! “ I hear you sigh, as you wonder whether it is worthwhile recharging the cup for an even bigger caffeine hit.

Well the answer will inform the output from your correspondent for the rest of the day, and by the end of the day hopefully the Stoker will be a busy boy.

I have put some of this guy's details up recently, Saul Alinsky and in context over in How Much Wealth? Part 6.

“What’s that got to do with the price of sugar, Sugar?” Well call me overly cynical but I reckon I detect a good old dose of Leninist/Trotskyist/Maoist trouble making in there.

What Saul’s hagiographer won’t mention is that scratching, scratching, and scratching at the sores always present between communities would be a better way of looking at this community organising. We are dealing with Chicago here. Organised crime. Gangsters. And though it is never really stated clearly, clearly a town of the Crown not the Republic.

As always with these Commies what they say is the opposite of their intentions, a theme we’ll return to with the Stoker’s next victim.

Community organisation really means community division, fracture and violence with the middle men picking up the rich pickings as the haves are targeted by the aggrieved have-nots. Imperial Russia anyone? Commie disasters everywhere? Ukraine? China? All the while the trouble makers, sorry community organisers, get to sit in the best houses, eat the best food, drink the best wine, basically live the life of Reilly after the killing has stopped, the dust has settled and everyone else is poor. Soviet Union anyone?

What the process does is create a market in agitated struggle, the market maker controls the whole process, and the appropriation of wealth is completed dispassionately. Dead people are a result not of malice but market dynamics. The market maker can sleep peacefully in a gilded gated community.

I wonder if our “community organisers” in the White House will prove to be any different.

That’s right Barry and Hillary and cohorts are Alinskyites.

What drives the Green agenda? Scratching the sores present between those of us who’ve built decent societies and those who haven’t? All disguised in a global tax, all designed to drive everyone into penury except the community organisers and their foundation sponsors who’ll be left living the life of Reilly.


Got that?

All UK Armed Forces out of AFPAK now, they are being used to cause trouble.