Saturday, 20 February 2010

CSI Nuke.

This is a beauty. H/T War News Updates

Obama Signs Nuclear Forensics Bill

White House Press release.

Once again into translation mode.

Barry wouldn’t know forensics if it shagged him up the afterburner singing Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Barry’s a street hustler responding to his master’s demands. So why would Barry’s masters want this now?

Well obviously a nuke is going off somewhere, or at least a radioactive device.

All nuke material comes from atomic reactors and all reactors have their special signature of isotopes and isomers, this fingerprint will be forensically identifiable. So if there is a big bang in down town Buenos Aires the signature of the Perm reactor supplying the nuke material will be IDed and then our Especial Fuerzes can pay the perps a visit. In theory of course.

The academic courses will be used to produce adherents and disciples that guarantee results that comply with official legend. Don’t think CSI here, this is political; we are talking CPSS-NKVD/NAZI-SS.

Scenarios for the use of these alumni?

Overseas to fit up a mark. So if Pakistan nuked Mumbai then the forensics could confirm the Pak nukes signature. That’s foreign policy control and blackmail. Though actually Myanmar lit the big stick.

Domestic, to frame a mark after a false flag. So if Detroit takes a big stick Iran can be put in the frame through rigorous independent scientific research.

I can see the course work being prepared already, the important stuff being kept out of the way and the doctored material being modularised. The graduates will then march off into the sunset intent on bringing the bad guys to justice with a flawed education.

Don’t you love madrassas? They’ve done it to medicine, Nat phil. and put witch craft on a par with astronomy by “researching” climate studies, psychology and economics.

Hey ho.