Monday, 1 February 2010

What’s your handle again?

Puzzling times that we live in, nothing works and there is no work.

Work as in trading your labour in a free market to improve yourself and each subsequent generation of your family. Work, as in being master of the force for the change for good which when effected over nations and societies can banish want, slavery and ignorance.

That species of work has gone, it has been eradicated. Its replacement is servitude and stasis. Oh you will be hard driven, but the work will not allow you to actually achieve anything or challenge anyone. Targets are there to stop real work. By design or by natural selection?

Though this glacial run off will dwell in the present and look into the future I want to go back a little.

What kind of progress have we been told our nation has experienced since the Venetians got Henry VIII getting with the plan? Well As I understand it we had a mighty struggle to get the divine right of King’s squashed and the transfer of sovereign power to parliament. That in itself is interesting. We didn’t kill the Sovereign’s fiat and secret powers, we transferred them. Then parliament itself slowly changed in complexion as the suffrage was extended over the centuries.

The sovereigns’ powers residing in parliament didn’t change, though a very clear symbiosis emerged between parliament and the City which sought to use those powers externally by projecting technological superiority out into the world and bring back wealth.

Eventually suffrage was extended to everyone about 80 years ago or so. Look at parliament now, doesn’t look anything like the benches that Cromwell or Pitt or Disraeli would recognise. Yet there has still not been any change to the Royal prerogative, or QCs or Privy Councillors.

Now Henry VII had a nation to run and protect, Lizabet I has only got some horses to chase and a fleet of flunkies to dine, so what are the PCs and QCs doing? Who or what are they advising?

Who’s exercising the Royal prerogatives, Cromwell might have, Pitt may have, did Blair?

The composition of parliament is simply marketing and window dressing I’d say. The great cattle markets that were Universities since 1945 have also been part of that window dressing. Imagine standing in the refectory lunch line and getting the tap from Zbig. No more career worries, you are on the inside track, made.

So the present then.

We’ve have a bunch defective, exclusivist/inclusivist, equalityist/oligarchic, communist/fascist, state fronting thieves. Maoist, Stalinist, Chicago school, Frankfurt school, Alinskyist no cluers who don’t know what to do other than destroy our daily lives through endless statute generation.

They aren’t there by mistake.

Just like Maggie was the face to front legislation destroying real work here in the UK, so the current NaZoviet cabal that represent our cabinet government are fronting up the theft of freedom under their foundation sponsored drivel that turns up day after day as new statutes designed to solve manufactured “issues of concern”. Issues like racism. Issues like inequality. Issues like gender. Issues like child care. Issues like faith discrimination.

We are supposed to believe that the mighty minds in our think tanks and our Universities have identified these “issues” through peer based review of their research.

We actually know that they are paid to come to certain conclusion to further foundation interests, and if they don’t come up with the relevant jiggery pokery they get untenured. Removed from academic reality just as sure as any Kulak who ended their days in the Siberian wastes.

We cannot do this, we are not allowed to do that, we are advised to stop the other. All behavioural economist clap trap. A little nudge. Yes a little nudge every second of every day until you’ve been nudged over the slave camp entrance.

Go get lost you vacuous fools, we know you just cannot stand people being free to tell you to go and fuck yourselves. Take your mentally defective intellectual offspring and shove them down your foundation controllers’ throats.

Nahh your too scared aren’t you

That’s another characteristic of your kind you’ve no backbone. You are yellow. Unless you’ve got masses of hired thugs surrounding you, you hide. You wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beasties, O, what a panic's in thy breasties! Unless there are millions of mentally deranged statutes stifling our every move you feel naked, exposed to the potential danger of having to explain your selves to us. You really hate that don’t you; you jumped up lickspittles, you believe yourselves as gods amongst us lesser mortals.

Well you are not, you are useless Chrétiens.

You are all placed in the 646 for reasons hidden from our view but discernable from your past behaviour and that of your predecessors. Let’s look at what the current mob represents. Since 1997 when a predominantly white male commie clique got in, aided by the Tory shambles preceding them, all that has happened is our liberties curtailed, our country bankrupted and our demographics and nationality fractured.

There is no need to speculate what the next move will be with regards 646 composition soon. All we need to do is identify what your foundation masters want from you.

I believe they want a satrapy where the traditions of British struggle for freedom have been destroyed by importation of peoples who have no recent tradition of freedom. The ultimate outcome being the creation of a synthetic European identity using the new peoples imported throughout the EU to sit in parliaments, national, local and Europe wide, to pass more statutes for the Stasi’s stasis state. Notice in all these places locals who’ve lived there for centuries and just get on with the lives will not be represented, they will be disproportionately under represented. This is Hijack.

For UK plc that means we can expect a very strange looking 646 with no overarching national philosophy, obedient to Europe and obsessed with petty politics as the knife fight for the PM ship makes our parliament look like Italy’s dump. Rabid belief systems will be endemic and you can expect that there will be a face that needs to send an international message to the outside world chosen as PM. Nothing to do with UK of course though that will never be stated.

Just like Barry in USofA corp. today. A man with no birth certificate. A foundation lawyer and street activist. Why do the Commies always end up in the Law Schools. He’s fronting out of his nation as no white can, just as the foundations need since I bet they’ve gone back to the Report from Iron Mountain again and reread the chapter about war being the best change agent in any society.

Two things though Smarts.

For UKplc the PM will find that secret protocols have left royal prerogative as a cosmetic for use only in scaring the locals. I doubt that is part of the info you’ll be giving them as you tap them in the refectory lunch line in whatever Uni they’re studying artistic bollox or Law “Mega Statute Tsunami Generation to Terrify: Theory and Practice” by Pol Pot, The Mao Tse Tung Faculty of Law School. Paedo University.

Two, your foundations are stuffed with fools who cannot think clearly because of dogma. Just like your economists who think that their degenerate thought processes are universal and forget that THEY are the defectives, your foundation bitchboys don’t know that the new guys you brought in to swamp us locals will quickly get up to speed on the freedom front and join us in shooting you down.

Oh I almost forgot, you lot always degenerate the system you parasitic clowns, always drive it to destruction. In your hubris you always forget, but so do we in falling for your crap. Every damn time, it is symbiotic.