Thursday, 25 February 2010

So Gordon how are our defences looking?

As I remarked a while back the real plan to nuke the perps during WW2 used delivery by ship for the big stick. No other means of delivery was thought feasible until Boeing/Douglas et al got round to using the research they’d been penny fed during the thirties on big long range aircraft to go after the competition that led to the B29. So from about 1943 the plan shifted to airborne delivery.

My Bulgarian mate mentioned a drug smuggling story he'd waqtched on Discovery when I bumped into him a couple of weeks back but it wasn’t until I read this below, that the full import of these developments hit home.

The Battle For the East Pacific

So Gordon I’ll ask again how many frigates patrolling, how many Nimrods sniffing, how many pairs of IR/NVG binoculars watching?

What’s that you said you foundation bitchboy? “Adequate funds..planning,…change. Diversity..inclusivity …PFI… bollox mumble arsebark….yada yada…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We are in great danger.