Monday, 22 February 2010

Oligarchy; immune to Change. Why?

Now I don’t want to worry any delicate flowers wandering past here but you are now poor. Now that’s what I call change!!!

This is going to be short essay, but it will take you years to dig your way through the rattrap. Soon no one will have a personal pension just a state handout, all savings gone, not even the Rock/Roth, they’ll just be foundation whelps. Very rich foundation whelps granted.

From “The Myth of the Rule of Law

“The Clintons. rise to the White House was fuelled by the Iran Contra operations
in Arkansas. The drugs and arms transhipment point in Mena Arkansas had
allegedly been one of the most significant operations operating under the aegis of
the NSC .s Oliver North. Some said that as much as $100MM a month of arms
and drugs f lowed through the airport at Mena Arkansas. The stories and
lore.whether about the goings on or the deaths of the many people who tried to
stop or expose them.took up thousands of pages on the Internet but never seemed
to work their way into the .official reality. of national TV and newspapers.
When the Clintons arrived in Washington there were numerous efforts to
investigate government narcotics trafficking and fraud. Sally Denton and Roger
Morris probably got the closest. Their article on Mena was pulled by the
Washington Post at the very last minute, eventually to run in Penthouse in the
summer of 1995. But the journalist who finally broke through the nation.s mass
denial was Gary Webb. And he made it through thanks to the Internet.
a medium much harder to control than the broadcast or printed press.

In August of 1996, the San Jose Mercury News broke Webb.s story of illegal narcotics
dealing by the US government, targeting South Central LA with crack
cocaine. The story was told from the point of view of Ricky Ross, the legendary
dealer who built the market in South Central. And what an incredible story it was.
While the San Jose Mercury News was not a big deal inside the Washington
beltway and in New York media circles, it was a very big deal to the new
markets growing up on-line. It was known as having the finest website of any
newspaper on the World Wide Web. Its location in Silicon Valley meant that
the techies read it and to ok it seriously.

When the News broke the story in mid-August, the story was serialised in a
relatively short form, as news has to be. What was different was that the News
website crew to ok the time to scan in thousands of pages of supporting legal
documents available to read or download from its website. By the time the
various intelligence agencies and major media centres had organised and
succeeded in shutting down the story and getting Gary Webb transferred and
then essentially fired, a rich network of alternative and minority radio stations
and internet news sites had downloaded the documents and covered the story.
All the kings. horses and all the kings. men could not put Humpty Dumpty back
together again. Thousands of Americans had copies of the original documentation.
The evidence was hard. The allegations were true. The story was now out
of the control of the official reality cops. The Internet created a vehicle that
was helping America come to understand that one of the most profitable
businesses in America might not be run by black teenagers and Colombian
warlords, but by representatives of their own government.

America wanted the Dow Jones up, and Hamilton Securities. Community
Wizard threatened to provide a hard link between Gary Webb.s exposure of
American intelligence.s narcotics trafficking connections and money laundering.
In the corridors of power, there was no contest. The Dow Jones won.”

Catherine Austin Fitts has a lot more to say about where all our money has gone, ever since the pension money started to flood out of USofA Corp. for China in the 1990s, and before. She’s called it “Tapeworm Economics” , go on have a peak. You’ll be in there for days and days.

My intention today is simply to remark on something remarkable.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve was set up to bring stability to USofA Corp. So suitably disguised as the guys in the white hats what have the gangsters really done since 1913 whilst hiding in the sheriff’s office.

1. Financed Commie foundation bitch boys and dispatched them from New York during WW1 to kill the occupants of Russia who didn’t think appropriately.

Then once the Commie bitch boys were established in their murderous regime they exported capital and technology all the way through the 30s, WW2, The Cold War and then brought them home to Las Vegas in the 1990s.

2. Financed Psycho Nazi bitchboys to thieve power from the German people and set about killing off those who didn’t think appropriately, export capital and tech. to Germany then set about killing off more Russians, under guise of WW2.

Although there are indications the Fed boys may have lost control of that one.

3. Financed child shagging ChiComm and drug dynasty foundation bitchboy Mao Tse Tung all through the so called Long March and struggle against the Kuo Min Tang then let him kill of a shed load of Chinese who didn’t think appropriately.

Then promptly decanted all the USofA Corp. pension money and even more tech. into ChiCommland post 1970s.

For what purpose?

So if Ron Paul is suddenly giving it large about abolishing the Fed. That means the scam has moved on. What is to replace it? Who’s in their sights now for erasure from existence?

Well, those who don’t think appropriately.

Do you?

One thing that we will be able to say with confidence is that the past will mirror the future in certain blessed places where there will never be a rogue gunman, or psychopathic gang of revolutionaries stalking the unwary.

Harvard, Cambridge, Rugby, Princeton, Eton and their ilk will never change in this ever changing dystopia. I wonder why they should be so immune to the contagion.