Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Who is Maurice Strong and what’s with Barry Soetoro?

Well I’ve given you a flavour of Maurice the criminal and his psycho commie extended elitist family last Tuesday and here.

Here is an excerpt from his papers archived in Harvard

(Exam taken for course 1)

[Notes on Caltex Oil Company]: n.d.[Early composition book]: n.d.

(Includes 2 different copies on same topic; description of Mau Mau oath ceremonies)

When Maurice met Hussein?

“The left wants to paint the Mau Mau as yet another misunderstood group of oppressed victims. The truth is, the Mau Maus were vicious guerrilla fighters. Contrary to popular folklore, the Mau Mau slaughtered far more Kikuyu citizens than the whites they were supposedly rebelling against.

Mau Mau membership required taking an oath which was not exactly frat boy material. The colonial secretary, Oliver Lyttleton wrote:

“The Mau Mau oath is the most bestial, filthy and nauseating incantation which perverted minds can ever have brewed. I have never felt the forces of evil to be so near and as strong as in Mau Mau. As I wrote memoranda or instruction, I would suddenly see a shadow fall across the page-the horned shadow of the Devil himself.” (Source)

Little information is available as to the specific language of individual oaths, but we know that the process was taken seriously and had more elements of magic than politics. Kikuyu were under tremendous pressure to take the oath and join the movement.

Counter insurgency expert, Major Frank Kitson describes a Mau Mau body snatching raid:

“The gang, frenzied by the thought of blood, slashed around with their simis (a Kikuyu sword) and fired their guns. One old man, slower than the rest, was caught and hamstrung. He fell at the feet of his pursuers, covering his face with his arms to protect it from the slicing swords, but a mouse in a mechanical mincing machine would have had a better chance of survival. One terrorist hacked off a foot, and another sliced off his testicles to use later in an Oathing ceremony. A third gouged out his eyes with a staple and put them in his pocket for the same purpose. When they had finished, most of the gang came by to cut and stab the twitching corpse. They then licked the blood off their simis and moved off into the night, having first set fire to all the huts they could see.” (Source)

Other writers claim the oath was far more innocuous. However, a 322 page report by Career Colonial Administrator, Frank D. Cornfield supports the seamier version:

“By compelling Mau Mau members to violate not only Christian ethics but every tribal one as well, Mau Mau leaders deliberately reduced their victims to a state where a man who took the Mau Mau oath was cut off ‘from all hope, outside Mau Mau, in this world or the next. Cornfield found that to achieve this absolute loyalty to the movement, ‘ . . . leadership forced its recruits, voluntary or involuntary, to seal their oaths by digging up corpses and eating their putrefied flesh, copulating with sheep, dogs or adolescent girls, and by drinking the famed ‘Kaberichia cocktail’-a mixture of semen and menstrual blood.” (Source)

Sounds like an earnest group of freedom fighters, right? Again corroborating that Barack Obama has never known a normal person, his grandfather’s support for the Mau Mau was sufficient to get himself arrested. The struggle for independence from the Brits may have been a noble one, but not justification for the kind of depravity indulged by the Mau Mau. Longtime nationalist leader and Mau Mau manager, Jomo Kenyatta studied economics in Moscow in 1932. We are not supposed to make too much of that.” H/T CFP

Did Maurice meet any particular Mau Mau? Someone thinks he did hence the Mau Mau oath swearing ceremony being documented in his Harvard papers.

So what did I come across today that just made me go back and dig a bit further into things I had skimmed over looking into Maurice?

All I can say is WTF?

Obama’s Mau Mau grandad served in Burma against the Japanese.

There’s that S E Asia connection again.

His mother swanks around S E Asia and gets into micro finance there. Barry spends formative years being schooled there.

Here’s a good summary of the Pres’ pedigree, look at all the lawyers, law firms and law schools. Why do the commies always hide in the law? They cannot stand you being free that’s why and will spend their lives trying to enslave us through the law. Also look who’s listed as being in his group of bestest chums near the bottom of the chronology. Yepp Maurice.

You can bet Maurice and Onyango Obama met at a Mau Mau ceremony all right. It fits the commie itinerant psychopathy.

BTW I won’t bother with the Polish joke. That simply tells me that the commie’s giggling know the deep background we are not supposed to.