Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Great danger of Gordon’s social care plan

Once again alarm bells started ringing when the Monocycling Recycling Carbon Disclosure Project 55 Trillion Bucks Trick Muppet started on about taking more money from us.

The danger is threefold.

  1. Judging by past performance he will be stealing from us all not just the pensioners.
  2. He’s unfit to take our money and spend it.
  3. This is another cunning and devious wheeze to destroy our form of government.

Let me explain.

Note the Fabian cloaked language used here to describe the plan. “Levy”, not tax, this is obfuscation. “whether to be explicit”= stealth and with Labour that means TAX.

“The inheritance levy, thought to be £20,000, would be deducted from the estates of older people when they die, replacing a system that forces many pensioners”.

Did you see that bit of double speak?

At what age do you become older people? 17? 25? 40? We are supposed to think this will apply ONLY to pensioners. No the Muppet and his Fabian reporters didn’t say that. So how many people die each year over the age of 70 then, don’t forget there will soon be no pensioners since we’ll drop dead at our work station and get recycles, compared to the number of people who die over the age of 50? Or 45? Or 18? Got it?

Secondly I noted this on the Snews last night. Where I live in the blighted socialist paradise of paradises that is UKplc the elderly froze in the North of the Borough before, during and after Christmas. I drive past this spot almost daily and speak with residents and their carers every week.

The whole fiasco was a compounded fuck up of utilities, once one went down a second got taken out forcing a third to fail. Brilliant Gordon. Proof that you do not know what “investment” means. I’ll give you a clue PhD.

Investment does not mean handing free cash over to you mates or your clients coming in from overseas to break the social fabric of the country.

Visitors to this country I know on seeing how most of our elderly live, leave thanking their luck that they live in a developed country.

So after having all our money picked from our pockets, since you pitched up in 1997 Gordon, what makes you think we’ve any confidence that the money you want to pilfer is going to benefit anyone but your bankster mates?

You have turned a moderate country into a prostrate pick pocketed pauper and dumping ground for rent seeking clients.

Thirdly, and most perniciously, I keep seeing a figure of around 250,000 pensioners being mentioned in the context of this story. Which 250,000? How do they know this figure? And who’s promised Gordon the votes of these 250,000. I have banged on about why the election of 2010 is THE most important election in UKplc history because the demographics move us into hung parliament/coalition government territory forever if the “new” electorate is used the way I suspect.

This social care program for a select few is coalition government writ large, Gordon knows there will be a hung parliament, and he’s hoping to still be PM. Our politics is about to get very Italian or Israeli. Just as the EU wants. Warning Gordon, that means political hits increase because organized crime then calls the shots. Pun intended. And Cameron knows it as well. The new electorate is being used as a vehicle to drain the wealth of the nation through big government, once that’s achieved poverty will reign because they have no experience of creating wealth. They’d have done so in their own countries if they knew how, wouldn’t they?

Filthy traitors, all 646.