Monday, 22 February 2010


Is someone giving us a hint to stay away?

Just wondering.

That’s all.

Not a terrorist attack, of course not.

Just get the fuck off peasants, THIS is now private and the oligarchs do not want the sweaty peasants on THEIR fast train to MittelOorope shared with anyone now the fast link to Waterloo is up and running.

Mind you Al Qaeda could take it out; instead of other targets that would really stuff it to a decadent West like,……………..ooooohhhhh lets see………..GGT. Yes GGT brings pleasure to millions by letting them exercise their phones and phoney democracy, yes stick a tube of anthrax up a celebrity's arse and wait for the fart to kill.

No it has to be something totally demoralising, for we really couldn’t care if a load of dancing, prancing, attention seeking clowns choked to death, not really, what with their charity phone ins and swanking all over the world to great places that we scum are barred from.

No it needs to have a Beslan Bedlam quality to it.

It really needs to rub it in how helpless we are.

However there’s no danger so long as Skrypto and the Hoody Hugger stay on song.

Sweet dreams.