Friday, 26 February 2010

“Going Nuclear” Prof Wang Jisi this week.

If you’ve been to GV’s shop, and others, to get the latest on Farage giving our unelected ShmurphMuppet from the land of institutionalised child molesting & snuffing a good stuffing, you’ll know that Belgium has a slightly manufactured taint.

I.e. it is not a “REAL” nation at all but just somewhere to allow the European powers to have a scrap from time to time.

This got me thinking. Very dangerous activity that.

So once again here’s anther slice of the world viewed through my non linear optics.

Those of us who remember that just before Maggie was taken out of play she had voiced some concern over the unification of our square headed chums will have a strangely familiar sensation these days of forboding. Maggie’s concerns are all but forgotten now, no wonder they gave her a shiv in the back.

The reunification of Germany is hailed as a great triumph of Western Democracy. Anyone remember Fukuyama’s trash?

So with a couple of decades to look back on just what can we see of the obvious concerns that Maggie had about Chancellor Cabbage?

Well just like Belgium we had some manufactured sovereignties back then, one of which I remember Brian Walden giving the once over and telling us it would crack up just after Tito pegged it.

But no it had to wait ten years until the Fourth Reich pitched up and set about the unfinished work of the Third Reich.

Zo, Czechoslovakia, gone but not forgotten. Yugoslavia, gone but not vergessen. Eh bitchboy?

How many dead?

Other artificial sovereignties?

Iraq? How many dead?

Pakistan? How many dead to come?

Almost everywhere in Africa.

In fact anywhere with a great big straight line delineating a settlement between great powers in the pre 1930s era has to be suspect.

However one special place always catches my attention.

It is the mirror of West/East Germany from the disaster that was the 20th Century.

North/South Korea.

I know what you are thinking, surely the S.Korean’s will baulk at the cost of reunification. Indeed you are correct they’ve signalled that many times.

However you are not getting with the vibe, the non linear optics.

Remember that we are dealing with a Darwinian approach to global control. N Korea has always been left to the tender mercies of a Hollywood loving mogul, for a purpose. If the West had wanted to stop the experiment that is NK it could have ages ago at any time.

How’s about reunification in what we would think of as being in reverse, i.e. to the detriment of the legend of Western globalist values of “freedom and democracy”?

Today I read that Soros’ old mukka Singapore Rogers reckons the Pound Sterling will be dust in 8 weeks. I also read today that the same time frame is mentioned for USofA corp. getting stuffed, I believe that Citicorp will be restricting withdrawals from accounts there after April 1st; you will have to give 7 days notice!!!

Whether this happens or not, how much time will it take for S Korea to start experiencing massive dislocations as global trade collapses further and the price of food sky rockets?

Who’s going to be fittest to survive the coming chaos? A society that has had nothing and regularly culled its population through starvation. Or a metropolitan based consumer society hooked on Gucci and shin lengthening surgery?

I know the meek are supposed to inherit the earth but in a Harry Hill fight who would you put your money on? The starved peasants marching south into a devastated land which to them looks like paradise, or the guys queuing in outpatients?

Think this is nonsense.

I give you Poland 1939 another artificially constructed sovereignty that we let the Soviets and the Nazis carve up. We let them carve it up so we could sit back and enjoy the spectacle of genocidal slaughter as they finally turned on each other. The plan kind of solved our balance of payments crisis as well.

Setting NE Asia on fire would remove the supply of consumer goods into the global economy massively and so play into the Green agenda smoothly. It might also solve some outstanding debt issues.

Did Professor Wang Jisi have a Freudian slip there?