Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Mmmmm let me see now was this all planned, and how many years ago…

However a further thought springs to mind. If through the clever way they plan to build the carriers UK docks do indeed build them, what if they are based elsewhere?

What if thanks to France reintegrating into NATO the big floating airfields get parked in Brest?
” .... Now don’t get me wrong I might be the dullard, but something stinks in the Vuxdom.

If we end up with a European Force Structure with Atlantic clearance to the equator and littoral command in the Med and Baltic, what does that lead to?

Arctic warfare?

USN fleet retreat into the Pacific and the reduction of CVN to 8?

No wonder the moon shot has been called off.

For anyone.

There will be no “money” released until the smoke has died down and then the survivors can get out.

Darwinian or planned?

Big Dawg is back and transhumanism marches onward.

Don’t expect to read poetry any more.