Thursday, 25 February 2010

Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?

The cry goes up from the Satanists at Goldman Sachs where the CEO thinks he’s doing god’s work, what a sanatorium. A temple to phallus worship, just like the Pharaohs they still think they are.

Go Max, go baby!!

No wonder MK had to flee the States.

Max Keiser and chums on Greece pt1

Max Keiser and chums on Greece pt2

It is a sad indictment of what we are spoon fed that places like RT and AJ are my preferred watering holes for snoos presentation.

Still the priest leading this ceremony doesn’t know his catechism as he cannot read us through a bar chart consistently! I’ll bet when the spunk attired hotshots of the news rooms know that MK is on their slot they shit themselves and draw straws, they know a career ending incident has just gone asymptotic on the probability front. Though more likely they bully some poor intern to take the hit.

On an aside has anyone seen that bozo Kashkari anywhere?

I also didn’t complete the body count on my Monday post on Oligarchy.

I forgot to mention the 7 million dead Yanks that pitched up during the depression that you don’t hear about.

Kind of like white slavery.

Expunged from history.