Monday, 24 January 2011

Ever wonder why we’ve been ratted out?

If you’ve ever read or listened to Karl B Schwartz then it shouldn’t take too much head scratching to work out who we’ve got here pissing around. Hapsburgs.

Only well after the incident is under investigation does further investigation find that many of the 16 civilians on board the submarine are highly placed members of the oil and energy industries, and many well connected to the Republican Party and the Bush family.
One passenger, Helen Cullen, owns Houston’s Quintana Petroleum and is a heavy donor to the GOP and the Bush campaign; her family has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to the GOP. [SALON, 2/21/2001]
Three other passengers head the Houston-based Aquila Energy, which has financial ties to the GOP. [WASHINGTON POST, 3/26/2002]
Another passenger, Mike Mitchell, is the managing director of EnCap Energy Advisors, a Dallas firm with ties to the Bush business family. [HOUSTON CHRONICLE, 9/16/2002]
John Hall is a well-known and well-connected Texas oilman who is a major player in a number of multimillion-dollar oil deals, many involving business cronies of the Bush family. And the honorary chairman of the USS Missouri Restoration Fund, the sponsor of the entire contingent of civilians, is former president and Texas oil billionaire George H.W. Bush. [HONOLULU ADVERTISER, 2/18/2001; AMERICAN POLITICS JOURNAL, 2/19/2001]
It is also discovered during the investigation that the Greeneville would not have sailed that day if not for the contingent of what the Navy terms “distinguished visitors” who wanted to take a ride on a submarine. Vice-Admiral John Nathman, who will head the Navy’s board of inquiry, will say of the Greeneville’s voyage, “In my view this doesn’t fit the criteria. It doesn’t come close.…I would never get a carrier underway to support a DV (distinguished-visitor) embark. We’re going to disagree on that.” [CNN, 3/16/2001; HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN, 3/17/2001] An e-mail sent to the Navy’s public relations office says that the Greenville was slated to play host to “/10 or 12 high-rolling CEOs” finishing a golf tournament. Nathman will call it “Disneyland on a submarine.” [HONOLULU STAR-BULLETIN, 3/17/2001; ASSOCIATED PRESS, 3/22/2001]”

A bunch of degenerates fucking around with tech. they do not understand, magic. Demanding at their whim, pleasure and thrills.

No wonder the towers came down.

WTF is it with USofA corp and UKplc? The voters in those two countries are the most dangerous imbeciles on the planet. They give their executives, without interuption, license to trash the world. To kill and maim millions. To starve billions. Yet these same voters cannot actually do anything about anything. Totally useless. Not fit for purpose.

And there is the rub, the petri dish that is the so called society of the west is sterile. There is no purpose. Just instant gratification and thrill seeking, never mind the consequences or the body count.

10 years ago now.

There was some weird shit was going down around that time. Always enough smoke and MSM/nonMSM sleight of hand to totally muddy the waters.

So whilst baby Bush and his mates were allowed to play with the grown up toys like the muppets thay are as a class, there was some more malarky about to kick off which weirdly, though understandably, has been in abeyance for 10 years.

Remember this? West of the Phillipines. (This I believe is related though much later. South of Guam, North of Indonesia, East of the Phillipines)

What is on Hainan? Big submarines. Anything else? Ohhh signals. Anything else? A shit load of very recent activity now that the Tonkin Gulf yacht club has long gone. What else?

Big supersonic fighters. That’s where the Su 27s were based specifically to cover the coming big fight on the sothern part of the first island chain of defence.

However before the ChiComms go toe to toe with USofA corp on the islands a great deal of state sponsored terrorism is/was/will be carried out by their clients in ISI and VEVAK. Now that suites the suits in Karachi and Tehran. Oodles of cash, weapons tech, training, logistics, free passes and a license to kill infidel. All of it playing into the ChiComms game plan of becoming the A-numero-UNO player in the area.

Here’s a little snippet of what has been going on. Here’s a little glance at the MILF activity that took all the Phillipine Navy and Marine forces out of area so the ChiComms could stroll onto Mischief Reef in 1995.

All this was planned over 20 years ago in Beijing and what have we in the west had in that time? A POTUS that couldn’t keep his cock in his slacks. A POTUS that was a draft dodging chimp. And a POTUS from the neck of the woods where ChiComm sponsored ISI and VEVAK trained Abdurajak Abubakar Janjalani & HizbAllah cells are destabilising the nations around the South China Sea and beyond.

We’ve been sitting on our arses doing sweet fanny adams. 20 years ago the ChiComms couls just about get a J-8II into the air. 10 years ago one of them protecting Hainan got jiggy with USofA corp intel flights in international airspace. This year the ChiComms have got the kind of crate into the air that I’ve always dreamed of seeing in RAF colours. No pissing around, they hammered it together and got it flying in less time than it takes UKplc to swap the plug on a kettle. What have the RAF got? A load of flying cement. Again!

So let us get back to the ChiComms. Have they been busy during the 10 years that we’ve been wasting our treasure and young people in a diversion? Bali bombing?

Well let’s look at what has happened since 2001.

The USofA corp economy is a crime scene.

The USofA corp has gone bankrupt and in hock to the ChiComms (Who likely sabotaged the derivatives market through their agent Li).

The USofA corp has worn out its military.

The USofA corp has spent a fortune on defence and taken delivery of nothing.

The USofA corp has thrown away its freedom and rule of law.

The USofA corp has lost millions and millions of jobs to ChiCommland

The USofA corp now has VEVAK trained Phillipine originated HizbAllah cells in spanish speaking South America.

All the time the ChiComms have been quiet. They got WTO, MFN and the Olympics amongst other goodies.

Yet under the surface something has been fizzling. Subs without doubt. Weather wars, most probable. Earthquakes, could be.

However it is time to break out and the ChiComms have known the big fight is inevitable. Their peak manpower of military age is now.

Something is going to kick off. I can smell the Roth at work and true to form they will kill lots of Christians first.

Either Phillipines or Russia.

If there is one thing that they have never stopped doing to is to kill the Greek mind. A Greek would never have given us Relativity.

I was pondering whether the winter Olympics in Sochi would still go ahead if Moscow was nuked when this heaved into view.

Roth pulling their ChiComm puppets strings, pulling their VEVAK/ISI strings, pulling their HizbAllah and Taliban strings?. I know, I know, but I don’t believe that Mao chucked the Roth out in the 1960s. They are in there somewhere, their signature is millenia old and if you look you can see it in slavery central.