Saturday, 22 January 2011

Gold Part 3

This past week the GGT got one of its ersatz science programmes to fire up the bamboozletron, keeping the scum in the dark.

You must know the bamboozletron and its many ways. The many ways it loves us and leaves us fucked.

The foul machine was at work this afternoon on R4 Question Time, which should really be No Real Questions Please, when a faux minister of the Venetian Crown was trying to convince us that everything was cool in Higher Education because the poor (that’s how the Moribund Brothers did it) would always be given a great big helping hand into the Madrassas. For poor, read smuggled-in interlopers who seek to undermine the aboriginals, furthered through use of the blued internationalist crowned.

Well did anyone ask the only question that should have been asked then and there? No.

As always the education debate never gets to the nitty gritty. The real question. The bearer of the poisoned chalice is never challenged on the fundamental matter pertaining to groomation. Why after all that money spent on groomation are 99% of the cremeducated so dumb? Including you oh QC waffler and pestle’s vessel bearer. Why are there no whistle blowers even though it is obvious to a blanded and blinded begger that there is nothing to be gained in the current political settlement but the putrid leperous lucre.

It isn’t just the fact that there is no money anywhere at any time. It isn’t just the fact that accountancy methods are like body count numbers of the cremated, unbeleivable, off balance, totally psychotic, truly bicameral if not downwrite chimerical and untrue. It isn’t just that there is no such thing as economics, just a great big ever rolling 24/7 Charlie Bookeresque liquidity crime scene. It isn’t just that cooption is the preferred state of the rentboy. It isn’t just the fact that all this sickness has a well fed wellspring.

It is deliberate human delusion after the killing stops. A kind of honeyed dressing that the universe wraps the, otherwise gaping, wound. Ignored to soothe for a period of quietude. Soma after trauma.

A state that can be engineered by the 1% who do not need the madrassas.

The 1% who need the Poor to always be here. Always no matter what, where when, or how.

If all of humanity were suddenly to wake upto a magnificent and munificent tomorrow and end destitution, despair, poverty, starvation and ill health, that 1% would immediately plot the sabotage of humanity’s efforts.

That is what happened so long ago that no one credits it. Never ending sabotage.

That is why the poor are a much sought after trinket. The cloak of invisibility, the garment of ostentatious self congratulatory cloaked wealth.

That is why the ignorant are so welcome in the mansions.

That is why the hopeless are fed false succour.

If the carbon fart print of that 1% were to be measured and its integral evaluated we would quickly see that they, and they alone, have despoiled the earth, killed its fauna, destroyed its flora and murdered its peoples.

No one else. Ever.

So minister of the crown, Venetian puppet, Pharoah’s ghillie, groom your poor and set them selectively in your madrassas if you like, bitchboy. I’ll ask the question you never get asked bitchboy.

Are you so poor in humanity that you hate us so, unthinking, draped in your crafted, designer spoor? In your well educated grooming are you so thick as to have never questioned? Are you too stulted to realise that there is no wealth, no poverty, just engineered malnutrition of every facet of the human diamond?

Turned to coal on the degenestrated lathe.

Of course not, you love the groomed comfort of the coopted and intend that isolationists club to remain discrete in every way.

Isn’t that so boybitch? “ She has received over a million dollars in grants, $814,000 from the US government’s “National Science Foundation”.
Her career is a perfect example of how so-called “non-state actors” affect global politics. She and her publishers and faculty are not considered representatives of the US government, but the majority of her funding comes from US taxpayers, via the Congress & President (who are controlled by Jews).
 In 2007, she received a $647,000 award from the National Science Foundation through their “Human and Social Dynamics Program”. This a form of psychopolitics; psychological warfare.
 In 2007 she received a $67,463 National Science Foundation Law and Social Sciences grant, to study international criminal law norm creation.
 In 2004 she received a $99,397 National Science Foundation Human and Social Dynamics Exploratory Grant
 In 2003, she received a $73,000 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Research and Writing Grant ($73,000), to conduct research in the Balkans.
The National Science Foundation & Its “Human and Social Dynamics Program”

Finest bamboozletron at work. Designed to keep your eye off the ball. Engineered to make sure your well conditioned mind and groomed intellect never forms the question. Diffused from your whimsey. Whispered away to the softened zephyr cumulo nimbus. Fluffed away to lithium’s balm.

Where was I?

The question is.

Why are you always living your lives in life and consigning our lives to death? What are you to eat the most and best, drink the sweetest and divine, breathe all without want. Who are you fools? That live in the finest mansions, always. While away your days plotting in the plotted vine’s sewings. Slaughter by right, sweet meats and herd to bloat your corpse. Voted and vetoed, venal and vain. On high ground your view occults us that demain. Who are you? Reduced in your construction. Differentialed and smelted to Ceasar’s count.

You are a singularity and reduced instuction set. Compounded ignorance and primitive.

A primitive primative.

Baboozletron’s Jim was out at work last week and looked like these Venetian lads had left him time vaulted. A pity because his pubic mind is defaulted. Primitive and Freudian. No knowledge to no man.

If I fired a quanta of light, then I would not be here.

Diffraction gate to Gold. Where did the rest go? Into a load of off balance sheet weightings in the fields

If that has no gravitas with you then weight until the radiation blasts you to meet Tesla.


It has no value, pecuniary, numismatic, transaction, criminal. It is precious to….did you listen? 4/9ths of it has disappeared.

Just like all of us.