Wednesday, 5 January 2011

FFS! It is all on a roll now!!

Compare and contrast.

The good.

1. The latest classic Maximum Max.

2. A little something from a freeman just before Christmas.

3. The latest from Gonzalo Lira.

The bad.

Today GC, who is in one of my saddles don’t forget, posts up an example of quintessential empty vesicles. Jaffas like Porter, Zuboff, Handy et al, all the business school hard fluff. Easy reading, hard to credit, light to consume and lacking any substance. Throwing stones at the starving, candy flossed famine. Trivial rubbish. I’ve read ‘em all and more though it is over ten years since I finished the last one. However because of the special times we are currently living through, as a treat, I am zipping through a little number on 6 Sigma so that when General Electric goes belly up I can use the thing as a place mat when I tuck into my next hearty bowl of Scotts Porridge Oats.

Watch this and as an aside note the current trend of no ties eminating from CoL.

Just consider the resources squandered on this last scene, repeated over and over and over again in every country in the world. To take from Black above, I reckon that the whole godammed west has crammed itself onto Capri and is drowning in sterile sex fluids.


The down right ugly heaves into view at the other shop pronto.