Friday, 14 January 2011

Magik and Technology

As I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion the guys in charge would laugh at us if we developed a stargate and warp drive. We need to under stand that. That is why we get a taylored view of human progress such that we stand back in amazement and wonder saying to each other “We did all this!”

What no one ever comments on is how transient all the tech. is.

In the West we are supposed to fall for the Euclid, Archimedes, Pythagoras/DARK-AGES/Renaissance, Steam, Flight, Nukes, De-industrialisation, Servitude/DARK-AGES.

There is only one technology that matters. The perpetual tech. The immortal meme creation.

The influencing of the human herd. Not just influencing but delineating it’s assigned course. Not predicting but assuring the chosen path is plod, they are in no hurry.

Causality is in peril when these clowns get their heads together. Whatever they are putting in place can wait for the local planetary alignments to synch with the stellar.

Meanwhile Catherine Austin Fitts has been thinking about what the goons are up to now.