Saturday, 8 January 2011

Iron Mountain Report

As you can see this was supposed to be the kicking off point today following on from the latest outburst at the other shop.

However some thoughts heaved into view whilst watching something I was rather looking forward to on the liar’s box, for those of you outside UKplc the following will have little if any relevance so you might as well wander off elsewhere.

Derren Brown.

I’ve rather been fascinated by the perplexing nothing that he’s been getting away with, though I do really enjoy the process, for the past ten years on the idiot box. C4 is celebrating that fact this evening.

When watching his illusions and trickery I’m constantly aware of the fact that he is “licensed” to show us this stuff. Quite literally, like Alex Jones, he’s been given clearance to shove this stuff in our faces. Otherwise it wouldn’t be there.

I always laugh when money gets involved. Here we have real tangible magic actually in a magic act. Motivating those involved. More magic. It is magic piled upon magic piled upon sorcery hidden in shamanism.

Reflect, if you will, that the real magicians keep the real power occult and we the vulgar are never going to get a whiff of it no matter how much Derren we watch. The true fakirs are faking our fiat wealth.

We are like Varangian nobles and ambassadors brought before the Byzantine Emperor. On a diplomatic mission to swear fealty, to be bedazzled as the Emperor floats above us on his mighty throne striking wonder into our native hearts.We are to leave suitably cowed and awed at the display off unfathomable power, magik. Restruck with fear to not cause any trouble in our regions.

Tonight in the midst of the chosen repeat episode there is a shocking experiment. You know the one. You also know the legend behind it. The one Derren gave us. You and I know, because I wrote and you read the words over the other shop, that really what was going on in that experiment was a guaging, a measurement, an estimation of how far TPTB had to go to reduce the USofA corp population to mind mush as part of the perpetual metals, mining, slaving, logistics & belief scam.. To work out how much more denormalistion was required until the whole population would fry anyone in sight.

If we tie that little thought together with the recently noted increase in psychopathy within the USofA herd, or reduced empathy as the academics like to call it, then we can reassuredly place Derren in the denormalisation process for UKplc. Told you he’d must have been security cleared. USofA corp has been subject to more of this kind of ceremony for longer and there should be no surprise at the recent emergence of government frying and sexual assault of persons at airports there.

Don’t feel so self satisfied UKplc. Oh yes UKplc whilst the idiot box is entertaining us, we are too denormalised to riot when HSBC annouces it has a sale. Our forefathers would have. A fucking what? A sale on magik items. Am I going to be offered seven league boots soon or a cloak of invisibility in Primark?

As I once remarked to some Russians, it was another Arthur Scargill 2iC moment a real conversation killer, who were extolling the virtues of Yuri Geller. I remarked that the only magic he needs to know is that he’s a millionaire and lives in a mansion. We are stuck here in a mate’s semi-detached in Cockfosters. We and our progeny will always remain so if we keep handing money over to Yuri and his progeny for “entertainment”. That is magic and it works for him not us.

The magik works for the magikians not us no matter how tickled pink we are. Being knee deep in fiat currency is not a spell breaker.

Well bugger me with a fish fork I’ve actually managed to drag this thing somewhere near back on course.

This week Micahel Hestletine let it slip that he’s rather worried about inflation coming down the pike.

I will say this only once.


Have you noticed that we live in an official low inflation economy. Have done for years apparently, officially. Well I don’t know about you but my personal inflation rate has been runnning nearer 10% for years. So when Michael opens his yap then you know there is a shit storm coming.

As I wandered round Tescos and ALDI today I clocked the numbers on things pricewise and the word is; big number inflation bursting through on the things that matter.

Oh I know that there are an infinite number of channels to be surfed on telly and the prices are tumbling. However the supplier couldn’t really give a flying one if you get what you paid for, that problem belongs to the fly by night, shell companied, wound up at end of tax year, vanmeisters who shove the thing into your living room and don’t have any interest in anything after that. You see the suppliers only need to have the magik numbers endorsed in official viewing figures for their advertising sales negotiations.

No; real stuff like water, milk, bread, potatoes, veg and sugar. Forget the medicines, I mean just forget them, we ain’t getting anything soon.

As this guy notes we are in for trouble. At the heart of all this for UKplc is that when guys who can make things, that people want, buy stuff, the guys who have nothing to trade starve.

Someone has deliberately imbalanced the trade part of commerce. Now forget the gold and silver, though I do like reading the guys screaming and yelling out there, precious metals, excepting industrial uses, are a stepping stone in the process from soveriegn wealth to serfdom. Go back to gold and we are still in the religioKriminal game. No real change, no real damage to the scheme of things.

Let me illustrate what I mean by sabotaging commerce. If you’ve read what Adam Smith was going on about in its simplest form then you’ll know that if I specialise in widgets and you specialise in buckle pins and we all go to market then I’ll get my market rate for my stuff, you your stuff, and then we can buy what we need from the market using our script. If I need a buckle then fine, you might not need widgets but others do, you might want a merkin so we are all happy and get on with refining our specialisations.

In the modern world someone has turned the script into religioKriminal poison, by design. If someone wanted to trade orgasmatrons and and a lifetime supply of KY jelly where do you think the well lubed personal items will go? UKplc doesn’t make buckle pins anymore nor widgets but it is the home of religioKriminal poison. No not UKplc. Noone is going to accept religioKriminal poison. So do you think the feedstuff suppliers and energy suppliers are going to accept Satan’s pence?

All UKplc has to offer is land and a place in the Temple. UKplc can let new share holders into the religioKriminal enterprise. That means the aboriginals are getting cleared out.

On a wider note the USofA corp has been removed from functioning peacefully in the modern world and the slaving dump of ChiCommland has been thrust into the 21st century. The world has been imbalanced, commerce usurped and the end result is chaos.

Which brings me back to where we started.

Iron Mountain report, fake or not, the ancient kings of Sumer would have recognised the screen play.

They were victims as well.