Thursday, 21 November 2013

On Illustrious

I was chewing the rag with a couple of mukkas last w/e and the question of why we are sending a shit load of aid and money to a dump no one cared about before the weather struck was mooted. I mean who apart from the more aware out here actually gives a flying one about poor people in islands being prepped for demolition. It’s not like they are what the Beautiful Island used to be before 1970.

What was once the world’s fifth largest economy, I know this because the Nokia chucking internationailistcommietartanmentalretardist told me so in a govt. sponsored media snack sometime ago via Goebbel’s Gobshite Towers, and is now the world’s biggest skip in existence, can hand over shed loads of fake loot to help persons we couldn’t give a flying one about when the sun shines. I mean how can the world’s former 5th largest swindle zone possibly have Children in Need? How can it possibly have a need for a minimum wage in the paragon of free enterprise? How can the world’s former 5th have been knee deep in the killing of other persons in need in other lands that no one gave a flyingphukk about and then destroy its own civil society through unrestricted import of indolents and supremacists? I mean what sort of a state is the former 5th largest conglomeration of deliberated phekkwittery, really?

Well today a massively expensive UKplc asset was on the quayside in Singapore. It was linked by very expensive comms and positioning systems, relayed and moderated via expensive mind controllers and censored by the STASI in GCHQ. This piece of capital equipment was kindly delivered to us by the GGT, now that it has apparently stopped delivering children in need to sexcriminals, straight into our morning nonevision. To the side of this precious humanintel/propaganda equipment HMS Illustrious was moored awaiting transport of aid stuff to the dead. So the former 5th largest bait and switch Ponzi scam, home of fifth columnists, is stupid. Too stupid to wonder why in the midst of a GWOT, 20,000 tons of helicopter cruiser is delivering funereal items.

Another clue as to the state of the nation was provided in another item purveyed to us via GGT state controlled media this morning.  This sceptred isle is being over run by mustangs. A nation that is knee deep in the commie shit known as total quality management is ripe for poisoning. Horse meet horse meat. Easily lead to water and quickly delivered of lead. Six Sigma Systems managed to pollute our total quality food stuffs, stuffed with dead nag. All the while trying to claim a premium price tag on the soon to be empty, just in time, shelving systems in our dry goods rationers. No one bothered to raise the question on the state controlled media outlet known as the GGT this morning 

“Phuck me! There must have been tonnes and tonnes and tonnes, perhaps multi 20,000 tonne loads of dead Dobbin getting shuvvelled into the food products in the total quality managed, ISO 9000, Six Sigma’d 21st century formerly 5th largest shit house on the planet every fucking year. School food, hospital food, old folkes homes food, hospice food; in fact anywhere the helpless need food. Why not load the helicopter carrier known as HMS Illustrious with hooves then? I’m sure that Talmudic Six Sigma Systems delivered the storm in the first place”

Oh yes it did, no mistake there, control the weather. Though as I’ve explained before, The Philippines is going to get it from the ChiComms not the USofA corp. so forget the idea that the storm was to bring the Islands to heel on the first island defence chain.