Wednesday, 27 November 2013

That was now then now then now then. Boys and Girls…

….what is going on now?

When sanctions, real sanctions, are put in place we find it hurts. When no sanctions are put in place we find it hurts. The trick is trying to work out why we should know there are sanctions in the first place, applied or not.

When shoot downs happen they really happen, when they don’t then a high level script is being applied, not a humanitarian effort to ensure no lives is lost. A script. Robin Olds knew what rules of engagement were and were not.

So let us take a quick look at sanctions.  Remember these sanctions are applied by the paragons of virtue in this world, us.

ChiCommland rolls some heavy armour over freedom geezers holding brief cases in broad day light and on camera in the Square.

Iraq rolls some heavy armour into a Stone Age slaver monarchy and pockets some oil.

The ChiComms get sanctioned and WalMart et al starts the roll of trillions of dollars in contracts through the Red Army command structure. Paragons get cheap shirts and pants. ChiComms get all USofA tech thanks to spies, dual nationals, paragons and Levant/Arabia tribute levy.

Iraq gets sanctioned and the paragons start to starve millions of children to death. Paragons get expensive energy. Levant/Arabia gets rid of unwanted and gets 5th columnists installed deep in paragon territory under cover of refugees.

Let us look at shoot downs now.

Here is a real one. Another one. Yet more. Real munitions expenditure designed to kill.

Now consider this. Twelve years ago the US got warned off, in 2001 read from a script, in the Yankee/Dixie area. Note the clusterfuck and key stone coppery, the signature of a psyop. That means ChiCommland had its orders and no ammo was to be used in the message delivery. Today we find this, an airframe older than its aircrew sauntered into quick draw territory and langlaufed home again untouched.  No ammunition expended again. Funny that. Soviet production techniques, “they pretend to pay us we pretend to work”, still managed to shoot down the best of the west, U2 anyone? So imagine the likelihood of target destruction by a monster industrial system that has taken Deming to heart.

Oh and guess who’s flat top is now cruising aroundYankee/Dixie stations? Decades in the planning and execution by Roth's panda squeezing ersatzsanktionzagent.