Monday, 25 November 2013

On Modus Operandi

Waiting for our next false flag op? Too scared to frag our kapos? Confused about who is trying to kill us and wipe our family from history? Let me help in our engineered confusion, nanocontusion and nono-thickery.

Polish Home Army Warsaw uprising.

I used to read of the RAF’s half arsed attempt at aerial supply during the uprising, when I was salad, and always raised my eyebrows. “You phukkin what?” This is an organisation that cannot keep its night bomber stream safe from Nazi electronic eyes aboard old airframes and yet seeks to supply a foreign Army miles and miles out of range over enemy infested territory. One is not supposed to think too hard about these matters. Kind of like not really looking too hard at USAAF aircraft going “missing” over CochinChina, at night. Surely RAF nachtjäger would have searched for the downed aircrew! The way official history is described always gives the game away. Just like when the Russian royal family got murdered by RCE/NY Talmudic Ashkenazi disguised as commies. A tragedy, unavoidable, beyond their rellies power to help. My arse! So Shirley the political divisions of the Red Army, you know those lovely NKVD chappies, would have snuck in under cover of darkness and saved the day….errr, night in Warsaw? Nah, let the scum die whilst Uncle Joe waits months on end, just outside the gates of the city, on instruction from globalbanksterzentral.

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Sinking of RMS Lusitania

Always said to be a kreigsschiff/arms ship by the sausagemunchers, so a valid target. Denied by the local media whores in RCE/LC and RCE/NY of course. A war crime. Innocent women and children killed by the monsters from Berlin. Funny how the term” war crime” is mutable. War crimes committed by globalistbankster approved entities are never mentioned in the piss take that is “history”. Katyn, 9/11 or Armenia anyone?

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Tet Offensive

Having swept the Catholics out of the North, our commiegloba’almudicistheathen love refugee train misery, malnutrition, exposure and massacres, and thereby grossly destabilised the South, we find our Commie chums getting green lighted to pull another patriot on patriot massacre à la Warsaw 1944. Just as in the Korean Police action the Rock UN had Roth agents in place to fuck things up verily on the good guys’ side. So bearing in mind that no action is expected during a religious holiday, what happens? Duh!!!!! Double ungood. Southern operatives wiped out, USofA corp taken down.

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Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Ever had a look at Yankee or Dixie Station? You know, where the Tonkin Gulf Yacht club used to exercise. You know, where that clown McCain fried a load of his fellow matelots. Had a look at Cuba? All that gold waiting to be liberated. Funny how a system that survived a contrived missile crisis managed the inability to destroy some paddy fields in nuclear free zone. A regime that was manipulated in the destruction of its president cannot take down some geezers in pyjammies and flip-flops! Two national psychological defeats in a row. I know, I know, I know. Fourth generation warfare my arse! B58s would not take out geezers in the Củ Chi tunnels unless cleared to use the full range of tech. available. Well what the theorists don’t tell ya is that the ideas surrounding generations of warfare can only exist in a period of transition between the bookends of first generational warfare. Oh! I forgot to mention Dimona, we’ll get to that Rothplot in one of the upcoming outings here.

BTW 22 Nov 1963 is the day that Roth re-established control over its Rock operatives after the hiatus, not without success mind you, 1919-1950. The pup was brought to heel again.

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Scaling of operational control has been the main thrust of the Roth this passed 250 years or so. Other operands for the zero point have not had the control of virgin open fields for endless grains and/or integrated season independent logistics. Operands like Alexander and Mohammed were tests of the then current scaling ability of the origin of all the death and destruction in history. Roth were lucky to be chosen just as the tech to hand could finally re-girdle the world. This could be the final iteration, the time when the scaling for effect can finally engineer a truly global conflict that does not destroy the garden Roth so foolishly anticipate inheriting. So having a close look at the destroyed building and their contents reminds me of those “mysterious” fires that London was home to in the late 19th century. A suicide note, a dead body and a fire gutted premises. All evidence gone. Insurance job or disappearance of creditors/debtor. The removal of the evidence of 25years of global theft, the fingering of false perps, the assault on personal liberty, all done in a morning’s work on behalf of  those who hate free persons. Locations of the sponsoring perps? RCE/LC, RCE/NY and of course the fire base RCE/TA. RCE/TA will soon pull a “We had to destroy the village to save the village” piece of crap. How do you think that previous civilisations have disappeared? Oh the mystery! Oh the unfathomable reasons behind their vanishing form history! Never trust a whorehistorian, they teach no thing.

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You are wondering why all this bollox is important? Well it is an old playbook, at the other shop we’ll be looking at events over thousands of years, so here we’ll try and remain a little more local in time. Everything is known long before we know it, Roth and Waterloo anyone? That is one of the hidden modes for commerce. If you think that commercial agents are involved in stealing tech. then you are deluded. Their primary mission is to gather the social information required for the next culling of humanity, though they do not realise it. They provide the individual lint and hair tufts, all ledgered, all known by the fable engine for the metaweft of re-history. So….

….Future time.

A380 downed

I’ve mentioned this before. 800 persons getting taken down by a SAM strike as an A380 claws its way out of an SE Asian hub. You’ve seen this? That is a fuel fire alrighty.

The economics of A380 operation are causing a little headache to one particular A380 operator in that slaver/childkilling/fascist/UN adored/model for humanity after de-Amerikanisation/Roth paradise we call ChiCommland.

The problem that such a false flag would remove is how to get the carefully tended, shielded from any threatened nuking by USAF for decades, spoon fed military of the UNChiComm police action force into the SE Asia region to finish off all nationalist non compliance. It may not be a ChiComm A380 getting blown out of the air just over the Kai Tak perimeter but some thing must light the blue touch paper. USS Maine anyone. Oh yes USofA corp savour the irony of the moment. You play the rotten to the core Spanish Empire when the UNChiCommFOR roll into a storm cleared Philippines to root out SAM totting Islamist terroristas paid for and trained by the same Levant/Arabian interests that took out 1, 2 & 7. Sweet.

The targets, under cover of securing the Malacca straights, are India and Indonesia. BTW USofA corp expect your LCSs in Singapore to be taken out through neglect. I’ll bet you’ve never heard of the Brisbane line USofA corp., history does not repeat itself because the playbook need only be read once.

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Remember, being a Talmudist is a racially independent, ethno-neutral, spiritually bankrupted, multi generational lifestyle choice completely free of persecution.

I make that,

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