Wednesday, 20 November 2013

On Tigers

One of the things that always confounds the idolathickery, the fatfukkwittery, those of  puerilephuckedwitz; is the truth. Any charge for seeing your GP in UKplc means the removal of general health care is in progress. The first step being the dullarding of the GPs themselves. No one cares; because Xfarter and Getmethephukkoutahere are on the noneeye. GESTAPO, NSA and STASI spying on you UKstylee are fukkus groups, CUTV and nopinionpolling.

The default setting of all commerce is theft. Go on then; what do you think gaining an MBA or accounting accreditation is all about? The same fools would have signed up for their Commie or Nazi card in another society. Card carrying automatons, always instrumented for the theft from humanity. An economic system, remember that this is supposed to be the basis of life, liberty and happiness, based on magik, our current model, is a global fiction. So when one hears of profits/losses one can be sure that one inhabits, not for long though, a closed system. A system of larceny. For how can theirs be a profit or loss of no thing unless it is by a simple accounting card trick? Anything placed within our Herd Attention Space for our consumption is poison. Only those licensed or approved to be dependent on the funny money system can broadcast within the ersatz HAS. The temporary Gulag, The transient slave camp. Before the cull comes. After, these useful idiots will be lined up kneeling at the lip of a lime bottomed trench, CHEKAstylee, and delivered of a special prescription from the Lead Pill Pharmacy, NKVDstylee, base of the skull, STASIstylee. Or starved deliberately Irish like, Bengal like, EastIndiaCompanystylee. Tribute. Remember when Muscovy handed “tribute” over to their conquerors? The Khans. A subject people surrenders its wealth, gets harvested, with no benefit accruing to them. The conqueror then performs great humanitarian work with the appropriated wealth. This is a fundamental truth of life outside the HAS, bwahahahahaahaaa, great enterrorises like pleasuredomes; erect. Been to a theme park recently? As your wealth gets handed over to your masters through your taxation, a temporary instrument remember when first mooted, via the stooges faking laws and statutes in your legislatures. For those reading here not afflicted by fukkwittery you will know where the Khans now recline on beds of dead Europeans. For those who don’t get it, go fuck off.

For to keep a secret one must ensure that death, distraction and destruction surround the event, system or idol. Or make sure that it does not fall into the hands of the engineered dialectic enemee EMINEMstylee. That is what the UKplc did with its ever so top secret operational jet aircraft in the BIG ONE, 1913-1946. Don’t forget that UKplc banged up a witch during that period as a national security threat, GOLDEN DAWN. So secrets are capital. No doubt about it. Ergo when deployed, the combat jet was restricted to farting around over global bankster controlled territory lest the secrets of a retarded concept fall into enemy hands. Sensible? Oh yes. Just forget that should a top secret, newly deployed, combat jet have crash landed on what remained of Sankt Pauli, the ever so grateful recipients would have gleaned no aerodynamic or propulsion secrets from an outdated system. Though the, hopefully safely parachuted, pilot would have been able to splash out some Yankee cash with the remaining hookers before getting Black Maria’d to Colditz.

Zoh, one stares at the utter phekkwittery that saw the deployment of a secret weapon into a tactical dead end. Not once but twice. On two separate occasions, thousands of miles apart. The common thread? The weapon was deployed into international bankster controlled territory for pick up. How else does a peacetime economy lose its first Tigers in Leningrad and Tunisia? There was something internationalbankster in OKW alrighty. Soon to have their finest moment a little later during Bagration, the muppets.