Friday, 29 November 2013


At present the Soviet Union, the United States and Britain all disapprove of civil war in China; [1] at the same time our Party has put forward the three great slogans of peace, democracy and unity [2] and is sending Comrades Mao Tse-tung, Chou En-lai and Wang Jo-fei to Chungking to discuss with Chiang Kai-shek the great issues of unity and national reconstruction, thus it is possible that the civil war plot of the Chinese reactionaries may be frustrated. The Kuomintang has now strengthened its position by recovering Shanghai, Nanking and other places, reopening sea communications, taking over the arms of the enemy and incorporating the puppet troops into its own forces. Nevertheless, it is riddled with a thousand gaping wounds, torn by innumerable inner contradictions and beset with great difficulties.Source

Nationalosts 0 Soon to slaughter millions of their own people through starvation 2

Or how come 1st MASH, X Corps, got lifted out of The Imperial Japanese Manhattan Analogue wasteland decades before Russia’s final demise? 

So many anniversaries to play with this year. USFR, Chastise, JFK, the end of the Police action for the moment, the move to an all oil fired main battle line, Zitadelle, oil embargoes and the realisation that the BBC is nothing but a massive beer hall putsch sex crime facilitator and procurer of Talmudmeat, as well as talking shit everyday all day long.

However today I want to talk about the 10 year pre-anniversary of the nuking of Muscovy. “WTF are you on about now INCOMING!!!!!!!? Gone off your scone?! Well let’s destroy one of the spoon-fed gruel myths pumped into the sterile courtesans consciousnesses currently mind hiving and breathing in the farm yard, formerly known as the Free West, by the agro business common purpose SKYPRAVDASTASIBBC agent orange fronts for NKVD protected NSA/GCHQ bitchboybankster boybitchQuislings. JAFFAs the lot. All in need of delousing. Notice no mention who we aren’t supposed to know about re:LIBOR, published elsewhere last month, in the controlled state media whorgans here in the blinded shithouse known as UKplc.

So few words and so many foul mots to describe here in the chicken coup. 60 years since the realisation of the reconstruction of the stolen Germanic at Dimona. That’s correct USofA Corp. Whilst you got bled and had the piss taken out of you by the Rock UN and the Roth Soviets in the Police aktion, the pirate base RCE/TA, garnered all it had been taught by the real neutron cascaders and reassembled the beast in the desert. Forget the nuclear spy rings and the industrial espionage USofA Corp, the real reason we aren’t supposed to ask questions about the Holohaux, the real reason that an Iron Curtain came down, the handing over of millions of Europeans to be executed by Talmudic death squads after 1945, the real business of WW2 was theft of lives and theft of property that was not controlled by the ubiquitous Satanists in perpetual bankery. Got that UKplc? And you wonder why the tithed Roth deer park that now extends from JO’G to Lands End is contra to the wishes of all the men slaughtered from 1914-1953.  How their deceased widows and orphans must wonder at the nakedness of the land now defenceless under the umbrella of Roth controlled, politically neutered, expensively procured, nuclear deferment by CP serf leadership. Those reading here will be waiting for the stahl toe capped boot to be applied to UKplc Trade Unions now, no, perhaps another day to deal with those gullible read traitors. It isn’t hard to understand. The destruction of the superior, organised by the monomaniacal mediocre heathen using the expendable aborigines. At all times and all places. Go scry the Iberian Gauls’ experience 2500 years ago, we cannot ask them today since they were all expended.

So how do we get to lighting off a Big One, 2023? In the lands that the Varangian axmen used to wander, frightening the wild life.

The home of nuclear weapons command & control was always to be Jerusalem of course. At this juncture the question of when it was first conceived that a weapon of such power could be hammered together using the technology of the early 20th century springs to mind. Conception? Just read Oppenheimer’s purported waffling after the blue touch paper was alight in 1944. Realisation?  Only in Germany, though the idea was to fabricate in USofA corps.

So let us state the obvious. What the Rock/Roth duped USofA corp dropped upon two peaceful cities of the, Rock/*Roth sustained, homeland of Imperial Japan those August mornings were triggers. At exactly the same time Imperial Japan set off one of its own triggers. “WTF are you on about?” I hear those who’ve stayed the distance so far muttering. Conceptually, from a German point of view, a fission weapon is nothing more than a trigger for a fusion weapon. Only the failing or the desperate would deploy a fission weapon. One of the answers to the question often posed by those afflicted by **thickery, “Why did the Germans not nuke London then?”, is to point to the immediate actions of Roth Soviets and Rock USofA corp when the gunfire and sniper was over.

The Far Eastern outpost oblast of the thievers’ workers paradise, the USSR’s little 1932 Roth sponsored spybase in Birobidzhan, would have been very busy keeping their NYC masters in bankstery informed of the goings on their Amurian bend in the river, neck of the woods, during the war of 1937-45. (Similarly it will be buzzy buzzy today as the next big rumble is fomented by millions of ChiComm illegals crossing into Siberia / Russian F.E.)  In 1945 the bankster HQ gave the order for a swift occupation of Imperial Japan’s northern part of the Korean peninsula by Soviet proxies. Now notice that the Red killer bastards get to occupy the trigger fabrication locations West AND East. NOT the Free West. I repeat NOT the so called FREE world. Western allies are kept OUT of those zones. Only the Talmudicpsychokillers get their hands on the nuke real estate, all hidden, like the sites of the liquidation of tens of millions of human beings; men, women and children by Talmudikiddiekillerkiddonkommies, behind a convenient Iron Curtain covenant. Also note the movement of “native” populations out of the “magik” areas, the repatriation out of the West of those who “knew”, for liquidation by NKVD/CHEKA and the influx of aliens with no memory of what had occurred there during the fabrikation.

OK then, let’s walk the time line and discuss later.

1. The Roth know of the old legends.

2. Germany lights off a PoC Uranium trigger whilst researching fusion weaponry. 1944.

3. USSR takes Berlin. USofA corp takes a powder circa Bohemia and UKplc takes Sch-Holstein. 1945.

4. USofA corp lights off an engineering PoC for a Plutonium trigger. 1945.

5. During the same week; USofA corp lights off a previously tested, by the Germans, Uranium weapon over an IJ city. Imperial Japan lights off a previously tested, by the Germans, Uranium weapon in a Korean bay, the USofA corp lights off a previously tested, by USofA corp, Plutonium weapon over an IJ city. 1945.

6. In that same month as 5. USSR OMG’d, paratroopers used onto Hungnam, the Imperial Japanese research areas in Manchuria housing the trigger and Unit 731 test/execution/research areas. 1945.

7. USofA corp piss off Czech government by border incursion. 1946

8. In order to see what would have happened should the Imperial Japanese have lit off a big one in the bay “Olympic” was to land, Bikini gets nuked. 1946

9. Rock declares its fire base. Disguised as refugees it is full of imported Reichprotektorate Ost Arbeiter. That is criminals, terrorists and research staff from the “death camps”. 1947/48

10. MacArthur (Free of Roth UN control) lands at Inchon and X Corp heads for the industrial areas around the power complex dams that IJ had research/fabbed their nukes in until 1945. 1950.

11. ChiComms, Roth counter move,  attack into what is now Nth Korea and after Chesty pulls the irons from the fire, 1st M.A.S.H. X Corp. gets evacuated out of Hungnam, 13th December 1950.

12. MacArthur gets “retired”. 1951

13. Roth Dimona gets green light. 1953

Note the overarching money strings/grain silo control narrative skulking in the background to all the above. Only by viewing the world as a never ending search and destroy bankster mission can one comprehend the world view of these disciples of the temple. They were indeed chosen and one must note that they are UNLIKE everyone else, successful in their sacred task these passed millenia. The reason? They wield the only weapon of mass destruction that has ever mattered, our minds. Once that is achieved all else is child’s play. Money, a mere bagatelle. Religion, a trinket. War, a pass time. Weaponry, charmed toys.

Also note what ALSOS would not declare, Dimona came straight out of the Nazi work camp research. All that was needed after 1947/8 was materiel, not know how. Hence the “Nothing to see here, move along. Believe the narrative. Or else.” scare tactics. To expect anything else of the Roth is for idiots.

So lets don the nonlinears and scry the lye of the land banksterwizardstylee with the magiklyre illuminating the old lands with blacklight. Remember this is a mission for the religious special police so do not have any pity on who gets offed by us, not that we have any but noncoDNAinitiates do need to get first blooded. Sonderkommandos will tidy up after the Einsatzgruppen und CHEKA have done the Coldstream Guards work.

All western nuclear forces are now under what is called political control, i.e our control, so disarmed. No more MacArthurs. All major western govts are under our bankster spell, those that are not, Iceland, will get wiped out soon, so are dead in the water and unable to pay the ferry man. All wealth is ours and is being deployed through our new agents, ChiComms and Levant/Arabia. The refuge, if needed, has been bought and paid for in Patagonia. The seed banks are secured and the ships are readied.

Search and destroy the non compliant. So who doesn’t think appropriately?

Aboriginals, dangerous monkeys, Faux Muslims, the bastards, Nationalists, as always and real Christians, trouble making scum.

Top of the heap?

Well it took 2000 years to destroy the Germans, so no real hurry; however there are debts to be repaid. The Aboriginal, Nationalist, real Christians who have the gall to imprison sacred RCE/TA Apiru operatives for stealing all of Russia’s resources using funny money supplied by the RCE/NY terror facilitators. How dare they raise a finger against the work of God!!! This will also secure the flank of the Levant/Arabian NOAHide psycho state.

*BTW should ChiCommland get a foothold on Japanese territory it will be facilitated through Rothtown Osaka.

**As an aside see thickery. As an applied example see UKplc.