Thursday, 28 November 2013

On Scaling

When Alexander needed to get a move on he left behind his hypaspist and scaled the problem single handed. Shocked!! The troops shat themselves as he proceeded to leap from the enemy wall top down into the body of the opposition. Phukk me was there a hurry up amongst the E-5/6/7 and the O-4/5/6.

Similarly when Kurt Meyer found himself in a Greek impasse, troops frozen into inactivity, he hit upon a similar drastic course of action to unstick the situation. Roll a live grenade behind his stalled men. That got a shit load of movement alrighty, targetward.

If we now look at the rigour morticed UKplc currently, we can see that what is required is a phukking great IED going off behind the body politic. Or a leader that can grab every last one of the host and deliver victory from the mouths of epicures and wastrels.

Damn!!!! That supposes there is a body politic to be awakened to action. I postulate that the pestilence has gone too far and that all we have is a great big pustule on the face of humanity farting its way through the day here in the Sceptred Isle. The whole place is in awe to money magic and the golden shamen. UKplc has been reduced to a state of utter phukkwittery. Is this really the nation that produced the pals and the bantams exactly one century ago? Well the toxin has been at work for centuries now. One century ago the subjects of his majesty were asking themselves the same question. Is this really the nation that produced Nelson and Hood?

What we have here is scaling at work. Or more precisely the smothering of industry and initiative by the many, for indolence, decadence and luxury for the few. The instruments of the fake money birdmen feather their own exclusive nests at the price of all who fall beneath their terminal diktats. As every generation proceeds within each cycle the tools and techniques are improved and their scale enlarged. Roman metastasis took 600 years for the fall. Ours will be quicker because the logistics of death, the business cycle, has been concatenated. Instead of watching rigged chariot races our funeral games are fixed clowns in big pyjamas chasing an empty vessel every Saturday. What was the scale of an Imperial Games crowd in 100 AD? What is the scale of a crowd for World Cup 2014 AD?

If you think that a different crown is running the show after an interval of almost 2000 years then you are one of those labelled in the last word of this discharge. The inbred crowd, no diversity for them, their genealogical lists are secret and occulted, has moved the pox infected blanket over the whole world now. The scale of the coverage increasing each century. The Borg quilted death shroud. Embalmed in the ceremony and worship of fiat currency. Every crazy religion funded and founded by the fakery and fakiry of the fiat and arbitrary to kill humanity.

A killing without resistance now, but how? You must have heard of the behavioural scaling phenomenon known as the One Hundredth Monkey effect. Whether it is true or not it serves to illustrate a proven event in UKplc history. If it is possible to get 6 million persons to quietly walk into gas chambers for execution then the human effect similar to the monkey effect is just a matter of scale. UKplc has passed the One Millionth Pukkwitt.