Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Too long ago last week

Two of my favourite bloggers from the bloglist on the other shop have banged up something which requires a little conzentratzion.




So let us deal with the first, first, for in the resolution of that question we will get a better idea of the question that will need to be asked, and never is, regarding the second item, so the second, second.

First-Holodomor- An actual real murder of millions by a bunch of bankster financed Talmudist mentalists in the test tube called communism. An act of black magic science.

Second-Holohaux. So called liquidation of (make up any convenient magic number you want) millions of  fictitious Talmud adepts- Total psyop fabrication to thieve a pension and, more importantly, hide real events. An act of occult worship.

Since anything that one sees in the psychotropicmedium known as newsold media is false then the parading of diamond shitters, concentration camp breakers inners and unable to provide the tattoo-Nobelists in every waking moment gives the game away. The swamping of every available second by groups and persons with no other role in life than to play a role on the stage of life makes one ask that question that always needs to be asked upon these occasion of propaganda, like the pointy interlocutions never levelled at Lenin or Trotsky.

Anyone that does not believe a word from the western media and yet lends credence to anything pumped out via Red propaganda troops and pimped on occupied German TalmuVision is quite simply mental. We never hear the question.

“Who the phukk pays you lot and feeds you? How come I have to work 24/7 and even then I am poor and barely fed. You clowns are fat, ruddy and always got the fare to the next station, not to mention Swiss bank accounts you kaants!! How come?”

Notice that the same question cannot be levelled at those asking about the Holodomor.

The facts are simple. One bunch of monoheathen in RCE/NY circa 1900 got their coreligionists to murder all the Christians they could round up in Russia and invented a cover story to divert us away from the real crime scene, circa 1930, by paying their coreligionist actors, circa 1970, to play the victim again. All the while stealing every last crumb in the West to hand over to their familial decrepits in Levant/Arabia and their slaver buddies in ChiCommland.