Wednesday, 4 December 2013

On bathos, bitchboys and boybitches.

Or the Western hermaphroditic androgyny politic.

Good news glass ceilingistas, post glass steagal, there are as many boybitches in the CIA as there are bitchboys now. Woopeephukkindooo, all that burning elastane was worth it. Free flying, child free, milk sacks made the world a safer, better place now that the patriarchy has been trashed.

Over at Sol’s shop some stirrings are to be seen, however it will take that special moment to bring it all home. For some reason, as I’ve mentioned before, no one in the basket case that was USofA corp can get their heads round the fact that a nation that could put the Armada together became in short order a backward dump. Somehow USofA corp is too especial for that to happen to. As I mentioned last week, it is all a simple matter of accelerated scaling. Sic transit Gloria Gaynor. The same money faking DNA closed, gated communities that brought us Venice and London will take the USofA corp down in short order.

No one got the idea of USofA corp being denuded of SSNs, CVNs or CVWs when it was mooted a couple of years back. So no one will get this either.

Just watch.

“What I'm wondering is what moves our not-so-incompetent allies will make are in response, such as Israel. I'm willing to bet my next paycheck that if Obama continues to pussyfoot around with Iran on sanctions, Israel just might take matters into their own hands and strike.”

You've not been keeping up with current events china. Anything that is good for the ChiComms is good for the Rothfirebase in Tel Aviv. Who transferred all the capital and tech. to the ChiComms over the passed decades? Roth banksters through RCE/TA. Who's got a Roth sponsored bitchboy as imPOTUS? Who's got a near 50/50 split in bitchboy/boybitch numbers in the CIA now? Whose been purging its military 1930stylee of noncompliant flag officers? Who has spent all its dollars training its future enemies and ruining its force structure by wasting its tech. base on a RICOjets, Fords and Zumwalts? Who can spy on a fly farting, store the sour notes, fit up its law abiding citizens, frame any fiction and yet cannot stop international, intergenerational criminal families who have no other interests than lying around their degenerate beds juxtaposing their insemination ceremonies within the history they wish to generate?

Who is going to have a bunch of androgyns running around screaming and yelling about diversity and compliance as the first warhead takes out the electric power on CVN 80. Who is going to have its THAAD batteries knee deep in gender equality literature and empty reload bunkers?

The list is endless.

There is a Varian moment coming, a Stalingrad and there is no Xenephon in the ranks.

"...unless....some local commander(s) decides to respond appropriately BEFORE the White House has a chance to shut it down. ;)"

Nah, MacArthur did that and got retired. USofA corp, on Roth orders, very soon got its global command and control sorted hence the phukkfest in 'Nam with USAF airframes lying all over the shop in bits.

The play book is old and the coming events for a deep in the shit ex-upandcoming power is easy to read by a state that is debt free. Through mercing up, the Americas will be united. The ChiComms will take down the first island defence chain and the original trade routes of global wealth will be secured again completely deAmerikanized.

In the next few years the following history has been bought and paid for.

NK is, on schedule, about to go nuts. How can one explain the Iran/North Korea/Syria dichotomy re: weapons of mass distraction unless a Hollyweird script writer is involved. ChiComms will be out through the South China Sea soon. All the SE Asia states we recognise will be gone under UN cover. Ironically Vietnam might be the only state to resist. Nationalists in Indonesia will be wiped out; why else would Australia be handing over airframes and the Jakarta govt. is shopping hard for weapons.

In UKplc the Euro helicopter carriers will be deployed to terrorise the littoral. I know I got it wrong. So why have they been built and for whom, has been occupying some of my thoughts? I mean when the RN was a global player we could not get hulls that big into service, eventually docking always scuppered anything on the scale of a G3 or a Malta. So who are they for? Who is going to get them skulking off shore, they are not fleet carriers, terrorising their neighbourhoods with attack helicopters and mercs? When a ChiComm fleet carrier group deploys into the Med. those empty vessels will not be standing in their way. We are looking at John company at work here. We are looking at a return to the force structure that got creamed in South Africa and got the hell out of real shooting wars executed by technically competent nation states in the early 20th century. John Company’s terror carriers need to hang out where the civilians have valuables and are defenceless. They need to unload their very special delivery of weapons grade pharmaceuticals Biblically compliant.

But where?