Monday, 16 December 2013

nO Slavery in UK!!

Teresa “shitely coutured, procured mannequin, turd in taffeta, vomitoria Venetzia, handmadden midden, procurator general of the piss take” May take action on something.

But Teresa my little “fucknun of de’ath” you are pied to do nunthing!! Are you skrypto or blown your crypto tip toe?

Which bit of your Null Kidder did you get all synaesthesiac about? You pathetic maniac Mancunian Kandidat? Whilst you were kow towing at the death games of a terrorist you have taken your 3rd eye off the ball.

“Hey! May. No!!!!!!”

Before you take a delivery of special lead pharmaceuticals, Kennedystylee, let me save you from being found, Poirotstylee, face down in your Christmas turkey drowned in your own cranberry sauce. I don’t want to have Christmas ruined for your family like your masters always ruin it for the rest of us by engineering some sort of schedule, always on schedule, to depress the Christmas atmos. You know what I mean Teresa. Special Forces pharmaceutical delivery courtesy of the Rothschild Criminal Entity/ Tel Aviv (RCE/TA). Special alchemical formulations involving Uranium, Polonium, Phosphorous, Sarin et al.

Teresa this “Slavery Abolition Act 1833” was a load of arsebark, don’t fall for it; for it is revealed in all its revelry as no more than a fool’s Royal variety act. Teresa let me reinforce your falling coiffuring, your failing conditioning.

It is your job to enforce slavery.

How can I illustrate this more clearly to you, for you are truly off the tracks or righteousness Teresa, than to remark that no white person within the remit of the Sovereign was ever freed. Teresa you confuse slavery with commerce. Did you or did you not support the sacrifice of NATO forces to protect slaving nations in Arabia? Did you not? Do you not support trade with the prime slaver state in this world? Have you not invited them to build our trackways and nuclear piles? Did not Athenian justice subcontract, outsource, its greatest gift to humanity to slavers? Well just remember that Teresa. You hold office to enforce slavery so get back in your place within the palace. Get back on message. What’s with the negative waves May? Slaving is the basis of commerce. The global mercantile intercourse has always been, will always be and is now, based on human slavery and gold. So shut the phukk up May and denormalise the West back into the stone age.

I mean Teresa let’s be rational, even if you did break your grooming and programming and go mental. If you really did want, phinarf phinnarph, “want” to end slavery. Who would you get to enforce the statute?


Hahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaa, oh phukkin’ stop it. Hahahahaaahahhahaaaaa.