Thursday, 5 December 2013

Snatch and Stretch

Today we get the Levantine clown from No11 talking bullshit again. He’s good at it, the Pied Piper who never pays, always takes, that’s what a good edjumikkashun does for you bullingdonstylee innit!!! Constantly taking the piss out of the Abos.

I’ve been casting my eye over this collection of fools for 40 years now and all I’ve ever heard from them is cuts. They are trained to thieve everything using Derren Brown techniques, from their perspective otherwise known to those in the I.T. world as WYSIWYG, what you steal is what you get OR from our perspective, rubbish in rubbish out.

Ukplc’s version of Soviet propagandists are hard at work this morning trying to persuade the natives that what they see isn’t, that what they experienced wasn’t and what they believe cannot be. They are not debt serfs, indentured assets, their children are not born into slavery and prostitution, and everything is sweet here in the hive. The  Lord Haw Haws, Engels, Ehrenbergs  of Ipsos MORI, BBC, LSE and fill in the acronym of any unthink tank you want, are out this ante-meridian trying to explain why even though UKplc is experiencing boom times, econ stat wise, the Aborigines, the peasants, the scum feel phukked over and cannot see the gold strewn road to Laandaan. How come a country that invented the Industrial Revolution needs a bunch of ChiComm slavers to lay track and build a pile? The reason is that the whole sorry story is a great steaming pile.

In the background our versions of Kaganovich and Beira now await in GCHQ listening intently in case some uppity natives get ready to leave the reservation and COIN is required.

The basis of the Paul McKenna mind trick is statistics. An old game of course but dressed up to suite every age and soon to be destroyed civilisation. In a previous age it was stated quite boldly. Do as you are told or statistically it is certain you will not pass St Peter’s Pearlies. In those days Osborne and his ilk would be wearing cardinal red screwing the peasants on command. Earlier than that Osborne and his fellow sociopaths would have been whispering problematic certitudes out of oracles after the gold/silver coin had been handed over, heads he wins tales you lost. Since time immemoral small children, babies, were thrown into Ba’al Hammon’s insatiable fiery belly, today they starve in this Scepred Isle or get procured with impunity by servants of the money power. Back at the dawn of the con game in Babelon, Osborne’s genetic disposition, incarnate in human form, would have been hidden deep in the temple stealing from the people who fed him and his criminal co-conspirators. Sacrifice on the time dilated altar. Stretched to the limits of the believers’ incredulity.

Nothing changes, Temple is next to Bank, and the Orontes flows into the Thames, child slavers breed here in RCE/LC.

If a country can give any of its limited attention space to the tale of a baking, snorting white flour merchant breeding to a word merchant from Babylon then expect the cuts to continue until, like Rome, there are no Abos left, just degenerate money sloths.

Why are there never any cuts in the cocaine? Why are there never any cuts in the lines of clients imported to this altered state? No cuts to the cuts? No cuts to the dead in service to the lie?

Cuts like money cannot exist unless we believe.