Monday, 23 December 2013

Go tell the Etruscans

Where else can 50 years separate the death and the theft with no one in jail or gaoled? Where else is the career choice theft, lies or poverty? Where else would you get banged up for stealing nonmoney and yet get lionised for stealing nonmoney? Train robbery or robbery train? Utility Scalability UKplc.

For some reason the LMC are intensely interested in something I wrote a little while back, phukk knows why? However it gave me pause to re-read the tract and as I read my mind wandered, again to places and times far, far away.

I particularity liked this bit.

“Somewhere in the Gobi desert, is there a ChiComm equivalent of Groom Lake, Area 51? Somewhere their black projects hide. A concept that the Nazis brought to USofA corp. about 70 years ago. For you can be sure that everything secret has been sent from RCE/NY to RCE/BS direct or via RCE/TA. If a big ChiComm stealth fighter can pitch up looking all Soviet recently, I wonder where their all aspect stealth strike aircraft is hiding or the tilt rotor attack aircraft that the big fight in the South China Sea will need.” This time round speeling mustooks currectioneded.

My thoughts went to a bankrupted and bled white state which went from procurer to rentboy in ten easy pieces. From the activo to the passivo almost over night. These things do not happen easily, they take huge human power, they do not occur by the consent of the people, they are engineered.

My thoughts flew to a nation required to build and deploy biplanes in an age of transonics. An impoverished nation that once constructed more flying machines than any other, a nation denuded, a nation in penury. How can that be explained in the richest nation on earth?

My sights stood outside Krivoi Rog and watched the near horizon, at a frozen continent about to be removed from history. Krystal clear frosted optics in the nacht.

Those of you who have experienced or used or witnessed the stalling tactics used in sporting events will understand this reading of events here.

As someone remarked a long time ago “How come there was no money anywhere for so long, people starving in the streets and yet floods of money when it came time to build P38s and Essex class carriers?” Scalability that is all. What once occurred on the temple steps now takes continents to carry out. And if you think it stops there you have not been paying attention. Jade rabbits breed like bunnies don’t you know.

So what has it got to do with Dick?

Dick all actually, today.

The largest battle line in history was managed into oblivion over the space of ten years as the data came into head office about how the offing of millions of men was getting on. The proxies inhabiting the Sceptre Isle were incapable of managing the tech of the 20th century to achieve the desired ends. So bye bye Jarrow. Of course when part two came along the base still needed to be defended by any means available so gladiators took to the air and sufficed for the transition. Whilst biplanes defended the sky over the old Phoenician base in the Med., a mile long construction hall was getting assembled in Texas. As the Soviet hordes, ruled by holocausters, fed by mid Western farmers, supplied by British seafarers, motorised by Detroit and financed by New York religiokriminalbanksters, all overseen by RCE/LC Apiru, got ready to re-steal the Manganese deposits, the biggest Hollywood production was getting ready for premiering in the Far East.

So thirty years is all it takes to destroy a continent 1914-1944.

Yet thirty years is enough time to do nothing as the chess pieces are re-assembled for the next period of hyperactivity in the slaughterhouse.

In thirty years of warfare without bloodshed the USofA corp. now finds itself in a similar position to that faced by UKplc a century ago, no longer fit for the Apiru purpose.

I mean who would entrust the West’s main force to a product of the cocaine snorting temple girl society. Boudiccas, Nelsons, Aldrins, Prince Henry the Navigators they are not. Phukk me, can you imagine leaving any; I mean ANY, real decisions to the arseholes pouring out of anything in the West? These corrupted inhabited meat sacks that see nothing. Are blind to theft. Ignorant of reality and passed actuated events. The products of “leadership” programmes. Mind bent retards of the apocalyptic epileptic, going round and around the degrading elliptic. These are the clowns that strut and preen at “peace” negotiations. One thing one can be sure of is that immediately after any “peace” negotiation that these phukkwitz attend there is a fekking great war. One thing that is a constant in this play book is the great abundance of food and fine wine; weapons grade sex machines, industrial strength narcotics and the ever present prescience of the Lead Pill Pharmacy at these gatherings no matter how many non invitees are starving in the streets. One thing we can be certain of is that we are unfit to know anything of what is being said on our behalf or agreed upon. One thing that we can be sure of is that every death is designer, every word uttered a platitude and everything scribed in fiction.

How long to remove a culture?