Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Confined to base motives in the mundanity of the non mutinous crowd one has to reach beyond the norm to be able to look back and note a change in temper engineered by the numismatic wizard.

I am not talking bitcoin here. I mean if one cannot get the idea that the same game is being played out via hot shots of the aleph, as on the cathereal doors 500 years ago, then you ain’t going anywhere.

Let me put it bluntly. If a whole world can be financed to go and remove a people from history using the excuse of their leader having dissed the jewbanksters of RCE/NY-RCE/LC by running a debt free financial philosophy then what do you think would happen to anyone serious about destroying the slave money system just as it is about to, at last, achieve hegemony? Thousands of years in the execution!! They would get wet teamed IN PUBLIC. No matter where the perps hid in the darknet they would get their skin removed like Croesus or burned alive like Bruno.

So do me a lemon.

A system with enough resilience to absorb the encroaching tribes from Northern Europe can deal with some geezers trying to “free” us. Make no mistake about that. This system creates vessels into which humanity is decanted dependent upon their flavour and temper. You got a bunch of inbred subsistence envious thieves? Give them Yahweh. You got a bunch of freedom loving pagans? Imprison them with Roman Christianity. You got a bunch of slavers greedy for gold? Give them Allah.

Now then now then boys and girls what is the temper of this society that needs struck into debt with a given belief system?

I am not talking Assange or Snowden here.

Let me backtrack a little to that cathedral door mentioned above. In the big fight that was engineered by the secret squirmiers immediately after the posting of said 95 theses, the geezers talking and writing were well fed. The scribes never starved. They continued to pump out their hate propaganda ad nauseam. That is what they are paid to do. Both sides of the discoursed dialectic are paid and fed by the money magicians. Written intercourse pollinating the whole fracas to exhaustion. Today that dialectic is delivered by well fed scribes and actors in the MSM and nonMSM. All of them; otherwise we wouldn’t witness them.

In retracing these steps we notice the salient fact, a universal fact, and the undeniable constant throughout human history.

Whatever it is that carries out this mission is always standing off at a safe distance from the gunfire and sniper we experience. Always many steps removed from the spiralling soothing toxic propaganda linctuses spoon fed to us by ethical psychonanny and her homicidal nursing staff or delivered, goose pate like, by the Lead Pill Pharmacy. No morals in normalcy clergy.

Whoever they are they operate many decades and likely hundreds of years ahead of our thinking. As an example there is no reason why the consumer society should not have manifest in 1910. However it took another forty years for it to be financed. The tech was there but the social engineering was not. Whoever they are they are successful in stealing the definition of freedom. As an example UKplc spent ALL of the 20th century under employed and regimented in a soft gulag.

So if our experience is retarded ignition awaiting the given spark one has to ask, can we spy the next society bearing in mind the requirements of the constants?

In choosing our footfall, free from currency, we experience the liquidsolidity of thought, as on the stretched waterslapping upon our faraway toes, sunken in the vermillion sands, on the slow beached event horizon.

The oppressive weight of the incredulous relieved in free space and specificgravity.

Merry Christmas