Monday, 26 April 2010

Deep joy and a parallel thorkus.

Can you see the lie of the land after 6th May?

I can see the complete fracturing of the UK political parties’ structures. There are going to be knife fights in every one of the foundation bitchboy sponsored mainstream parties. The newly imported thugs and fifth columnists will cause sponsored chaos. Anything small & British will be crapped on, UKIP etc, anything foreign will be wet nursed into existence by TPTB. Our version of a Menshevik Trojan horse will turn up to start the process of parliamentary destruction under the guise of coalition or cross party consensus.

I'll wager you a hard line rabid belief coalition, including the radicalized Muslim constituency, will emerge to threaten us by laying hold of the totalitarian machinery. The very hardware and software the Fabians have made us pay through the nose to install for our oppression.

Did you watch the London marathon yesterday? Did you see all those cameras? All those cyber dead eyes, watching and waiting. Waiting for the spark of totalitarian life. The spark of evil to spring them into being. Currently this has to be the most highly disinterestedly monitored and scanned piece of land on the face of the planet.

An unstable international background will be used to further curb our civil liberties

Lead by one of the Mandelbrot set whose origins, may I remind UKplc, are not British but Internationalist sleeper cells from Darkest MittelOoorope.

Their instincts are diametrically opposed to our traditions. They seek communitarian methods to fleece the fools.

Smelled a rat and now they’ve been revealed for the murdering descendents of murdering bastards.

If you’ve got any doubts just cast your mind back to the complete grounding of air traffic in Europe through a systemic Red light. This is how they operate. They put genocidal systems in place and then step back saying “Nothing we can do, it is the system. Nothing to do with us, our hands are clean”. They cannot stop talking utter murderous bollox. It is all they do and they pride themselves on their homicidal rhetorical bent.

That’s what Maurice Strong’s relative was involved with when she got Stalin’s agronomists to starve the Kulaks. It was a scientific system. Nothing to do with the genocidal commies. What’s Maurice knee deep in? AGW of course, the thieving criminal.

Oh no.

That system that shut flights down is designed to starve the world when it is fully up and running.

It has a commie stink about it. They never ever stop thinking about how to kill us and steal our goods and chattel.

It is in their genes.