Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Keep your list up to date.

A while back I recommended that everyone should have a list for when the lights go out and the world becomes feral again. Kind of like a Reader’s Digest prize list but with real outcomes.


Well if the end of civilisation as we know it tools up you get a once and once only golden opportunity for pay back time. You see all their myriad defence lines and the Gordian knots designed to ensnare you in everyday life will no longer function. And let’s face it who is best fitted to populate the useless eater category in that New World Order. The clowns that made life a misery when the shelves were still full and the lekky was still on.

You and me, we, can get to shape the NOW. Nicely Organised World. Sweet!

“So” I hear you ask “Just who goes into your list then INCOMING!!!!!!! Give us a clue.”

OK here’s a small sample of reasons why and methods.

International. Richard(what’s your real handle?)Holbrooke(what’s your real handle?). I’ve mentioned him on many occasions. He’s a trouble making psychopath, which reminds me Spooked put up a good article yesterday on this subject of psychopathic phukkwitz and so has Akira refing the lad himself, have a swaatch. Method of Dispatch: knife in the guts and watch the evil spirit leave this useless bag of bones. Suicide job but the cherubim and seraphim will greet you at the Pearly Gates no questions asked. And I’m sure his god Olde Nick will send you a mentioned in despatches as well.

National. The Mandelbrot Set. Total waste of CO2 and sunlight. For him the equation CHANGE=DISASTER was first proven by reductio ad absurdum. Method of dispatch. Well it depends on your bent really, you can do it yourself or by proxy. If you offer free welding services, mash, seam, friction or butt, then kick in the 3phase, which should fry the Fokker.

Local. Sooo many to choose from. However it has to be anyone regularly attending any place of worship. They are the real menace. They will start the whole euthanasia, eugenics, sick psycho schizoid oligarchic scam again, fuckers. Method of Dispatch. This requires timing; ideally you want to strike just as the whole shooting match goes tits up. Anyone who recognises the mind behind this drivel will know what the following means from my Holborn days. Hijack, warm summer evening, open cocks, drains. So any supermarket, stadium, black mass, COMINTERN, synod, conference, bus queue or beach, that’s where the Commies hang out.

I hope that has given you some pointers.

Now as to the question of whether it is going to go nipples up, well let’s have a quick scan around the shop.

How do you know when you are about to be surrounded by dead people? One clue is that your leaders are not in the counterfeit, fiat money loop. Examples? Sparta. They got Athens. King Charles II. He got Cromwell. China 19th Century. They got France and UKplc turning up. Japan 20th Century. They got Rock after dishing Roth. The subtlety in that one was the whole thing was a Rock/Roth turf war.

So is there anywhere out there right now that is going anti Rock/Roth and in line for a good global sized kicking? The result of which will be intense travel restrictions for UKplc inhabitants a la WWII.

Mmmmmm, if I could get the answer to the “Who runs the Chinese Central bank?” question that might be easier. I feel it is Roth judging by the recent appointment to the IMF and the micro finance initiative being run into Tibet. So currently ChiCommland is playing out nicely in that long range plan that must have been hammered together over 200 years ago for the place.

So any other shops not with the programme and due for a little local difficulty.

N Korea? Wwweeellll if so, and I do keep my eye on the dump, it is merely as a tool to destroy productive capacity and not a fundamental ideological conflict.

Iran? Could be but most likely as a prelude to a real big one at some point mid century.

Brazil? No. Flavour of the month for Rock/Roth.

Now the keen eared amongst you will notice that I’ve not said anything currently about Russia. Well that’s because the war that Russia is engaged in started before the Tyrrians and will never stop until Russia has gone. Would that conflict result in travel restriction for Blighty? No! Any firecrackers going of in population centres will be too far down wind to affect our travel arrangements profoundly.

Cool, everything is sweet, just the usual carnage then. Nothing resembling a WW on the horizon.


I mentioned a while back that John Company would seem to be the planetary business model again and that means private armed coercion living off the land.

BTW that’s why UK forces don’t get any kit. Gordon and his cookie crew are brailleing several chapters ahead in the wet dream that is their required reading.

Now just to scare the shit out of you that means that in future John Company will insert Laotian Special Forces into a high street near you to assassinate anyone getting uppity and carry out punishment atrocities on the locals if we don’t tow the company line. Got that? It is just the same forces at play that sent British warships to shell Japan when the locals got non compliant and all undiversified.

So if Peterborough gets a bit rowdy and bitch slaps any of the chosen whilst they are picnicking there you can expect the John Company death star to vaporise the dump pronto. That is equality for you, diversity compliant, gender neutral and low carbon footprint. No kidding. Though I’m sure there will be a large methane spike on the graphs. We are just like livestock to these clowns. If you expect me to believe that a nation of call centre operatives and QWERTY bashers is going to offer resistance of any sort all I can say is BWWAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAAA!!!

Finally the joker. “Terrorist” threats.

Well that is just part of their business planning. Who knows what the mental bastards are plotting now.

Heads up.