Thursday, 29 April 2010

Once again into the balls.

Of the crystal kind.

After the side splitting, venom spitting and venting that nuking an OAP allowed us yesterday we need to stop and stare way past the 6th May and as far into the future as we can glean.

What has been done to us?

A replacement programme has been put in place to remove the industrial and technological vigour of our nation and import drones and hive minds to serve a new hi-tech agrarian estate.

Some are going to be grazing at their navels.

Others will be building continent wide political action groupings of like minded drones.

What ?

I don’t think you get it yet.

If you had one million scum standing in a square before you what would you do? 1000 by 1000 await your orders. Within 24 hours you’d be fighting for you life.

If one of THEM had one million scum standing before them. Within 24 minutes the most beautiful of the 1000 playthings would be taking it up the arse, elbows and knees on the carpet and the other 999,000 would be out building a state to take your survivors under slavery and expand without question.

Mindset and weft.

It is our rug, not theirs, and they don't know how to weave their own. They are infinitely knowledgeable, I will concede. However their ignorance is unbounded.

As I've said before they are the blind illumined ones. They may feel that they know how the universe beats but sane people wouldn't leave them in charge of a donkey sanctuary.

Leave your child in their hands and it will soon be overseas. DEAD?

Charity is a cover for their evil proximity.

Yet some welcome the embrace.

Ever seen Blue Jam? That's a taste of their mindleness.

Every age has faced this problem. Something set it in motion a long, long while ago that seeks to degrade our outlook and spirit. That something; is manmade and we have it in our power to kill it.

IDing the "IT" is the main problem and they are shit scared of anyone pointing at them. Skulking around in our midst not upsetting the mindset. The soft, flabby, spineless little crystal ball gazer skulking in the corner.

In previous ages they would commit their children to the flames.

They are only as powerful as we make them.

Unfortunately the body count is always high and we always give away the victory.

It is a Greek tragedy.

Heads up.