Thursday, 29 April 2010

Now we know what he really says lets revisit some past vignettes.....

......there is nothing going on between his ears, the brain is long dead. Overdosed on a Toxic Fabian Cocktail of Nonsense.

"Shake hands with me you fucking scum,eh? Get out the way you institutionally racist reactionary prole. See my big mate there he's my kind. Fuck off!!!"

"Why am I here wasting my time? I want to be planning to be spending other people's money on my inclusivity, diversity, opportunity and PFI, no more boom and bust, save the world mega....oooohhhh aahhhhhh ooooohh that was good. Oops my little secret. HEEHEHEHEHEEHEH!!!"

"Fuck you lot in your desert camo, I ordered hi-viz for H&S compliance. I should be at an IMF meeting lecturing on endogenous growth for erogenous zones in the developing world. Coffins for you muppets that way I won't have to waste my time here again. Fuck if I could send you lot blanks and blunt bayonets I would. When I'm king my first order is to have you fools charge the Talibanfan naked. Ggrrrrrrrr why am I here? Bastards!"