Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A Prelude to Rationing.

A Hiatus in Status.

Ever wondered what the world that we inhabit will look like soon?

A world with no UK independent nuclear deterrence. A world with NO USofA corp. naval or air forces in or near Europe?

That got your attention.

Yes imagine Europe wide open to attack again from well equipped, debt free expansionary powers.

Got that? I ran it past you recently.

Surely you can see it clearly now?

Once the hung parliament has been delivered on 6th May, make no mistake that is what is designed for us. No matter how hard we yell “Wake up you clowns we’ve got enemy in the camp”, we’ll be ignored. The “Arthur Scargill’s 2iC” frown of puzzlement will descend on all who gaze at us.

There will be a sudden massive intake of breath as the new government “SUDDENLY” finds out that we’ve been sold into penury. Then all the land, the buildings the everything will have to be sold off to people with real money who will come and take possession. All services that we depend on will be slashed and burned, but the PFI contracts and the phoney debt servicing will just have to continue unabated in the poverty we will face.

So just what will we be getting soon in UKplc?

At WNU this went up today reinforcing some of the stuff I’ve been screaming about. I even tickled these guys a little while back asking them to envisage what the US defence posture would look like at 50% of current budget levels ad infinitum. I don’t think they quite got my drift.

Just to spell out my drift. As part of the Financial Special Forces general attacks on the West since 1975/80 the Defence budgets have been infiltrated by criminal project accounting and black budgeting mythologies. We are now poor and wide open to attack by a new entity starting at ground zero on the fiat money Ponzi scheme with no historical overhead or crippling voodoo debt levels.

So let’s take one project that, as I’ve mentioned before has been watched by yours truly for three decades, the big 4 acre steel fields currently being brought together for the RN.

I never expected them to get into the water to be honest. I always waited for the sleight of hand that would use a financial crisis to kill the projects. Historical trends do not favour an RN capability using such massive hulls for a start. Anyone who’s read through the G3s, Malta class, CVA01 etc. will recognise that the docking infrastructure was always a massive extra cost on the programmes above the hulls, crews and overheads. They were simply too big. Same with the new flat tops. And yet there they are being hammered together.

Last August I speculated that they would most likely end up home ported in Brest. Well if we look at the carrier build cycles of UK and France there is a strange synchronicity here. CdG will float on alone, there is no second large French flattop coming up as originally planned. Our two are due mid decade. Their replacements are likely to be turning up between 2040-2045. Will those replacements be Fritish or Branco?

UKplc and France spent a lot of time co designing carriers over the past decade.

So here’s the plan that daren’t speak its name I’ll bet. Keep Afnamistan off the MSM, don’t mention the war, because that means you’ll have to let this dirty little secret out.

UKplc is poor, dirt poor; we’ve been taken down by the Spetznas of Financial Special Forces Kommando. The eggheads from OxBridge and the suites from CoL/NYC have destroyed the West.

Goodbye British Army, Goodbye RAF, hello two four acre floating airfields with an EU flag on the transom.

How can anyone not notice that the nation that built thousands of P51s, F86s, F4s and F15s will not be able to afford more than 50 F35s a year if it is lucky? 50 of the cheap fighters!!!!!To expect UK plc to afford even one F35 is laughable. The business plan dictates they be bought under a Northern EU flag. Yes that’s correct EU F35s on EU flat tops. Here’s the sneaky bit, EU flat tops with French extra stealthy Rafales, like they are developing maintenant, n’est-ce pas?

That is criminal, which is treason.

I hope you noticed that northern bit, that’s because I reckon we are being groomed to say good riddance to the PIGS basket cases, on plan.

And that’s another story.

Heads up.